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Offseason Chat: FB Henry Hynoski


Check out photos of FB Henry Hynoski from the 2014 season

  1. What is one play or game that could have changed the course of the year?**

Hynoski: I think the San Francisco game. I think if we could have pulled that one off, that would have carried a lot of momentum, instead of that seven-game streak. That was kind of the turning point there. But any loss, you want back. We had too many of them this year, unfortunately.

2. What is one thing you need to work on before next season?

Hynoski: Everything. I'm one of those players that no matter how well I do, I just want to keep getting better. So there's not one particular thing. It's just my whole game. I just want to improve in all areas.

3. What are your offseason plans?

Hynoski: I'm going to rest for a little bit, go on vacation for a little with my fiancé and then start training and get ready for next season. We got engaged over Thanksgiving.

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