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Offseason Chat: TE Larry Donnell


Q. What is one play or game that could have changed the course of the year?**

Donnell: There isn't just one play. We let a lot of those games slip away, like the Dallas game, San Francisco. If we would have won those games, then who knows?

Q. What is one thing you need to work on before next season?

Donnell: Overall, I want to go back to what I've been doing. Go back to Grambling, work out with the strength coach, get stronger, continue to work out so I can come back powerful and get better for next year.

Q. What are your offseason plans?

Donnell: Just be with the family, the wife and the daughter, the mom and dad, just chill and hang out. It was a long season, so I'll just kick back for a little bit and just hang out with the family.

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