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OL Rich Seubert

Q: You said Wednesday is the day you're going back to practice?

A: I don't know. Is that what I said? Whatever. I've practiced the past couple weeks.

Q: But with no pads on, and restrictions:A: If I broke your hand, could you write with that? I'm just saying that you'd have to wear something on it, right? I'm just protecting it now in the preseason since we're practicing to become a better football team, and I don't feel like I want to be out longer than I have to.

Q: Do you go out with the idea that you'll be playing against Baltimore?
A: Yes. In my mind, I'm playing against Baltimore. That'll work because the plan was, when it happened, wait a couple weeks and see how it feels and is recovering and healing. In my mind, it feels good. We'll see how it goes this week in practice.

Q: Didn't you sit out a preseason game last year with a shoulder injury?
A: I think so.

Q: Did it affect you a lot? Did you go into the season thinking you wish you had more reps?
A: I look back at it as you've been here for a while, so you kind of know what's going on. Obviously, you want to go out there and play with the guys next to you and knock all the rust off. There are still two preseason games left where we could do that. I wouldn't like practicing all week if I couldn't play in the games. The fun part is the games, and that's why we're all here is to play the game.

Q: Have they taken any more x-rays? Any more tests?
A: You can ask Coach those questions, but it's healing. Nothing has shifted. If it would have shifted, I would have had to put a screw in it, and you guys would all know that.

Q: How long are you supposed to wear something on it?
A: I don't know, and we tape our hands every game anyway, right? Look at the o-linemen, everybody wears something on their hands and all that fun stuff. I'll see how it feels the next couple of weeks. It takes about four weeks for the bone to heal all the way.

Q: Is it good to go out there even if it is just a quarter or two quarters?
A: Yes, it always is. It's fun to be out there with your guys playing. That's the only way to get better as a team is if you can have the guys out there and getting better.

Q: You'd like to see David Diehl next to you at tackle and not in at guard?
A: That's my plan, right. Dave at tackle, me at guard. I'm looking forward to it. I miss being out there with those guys playing. It's not fun to see the game from the sidelines.

Q: You face another tough defense this week with a big defensive line:
A: If you have watched the past two weeks, we have had to play against two tough defenses and this is right up there with another good defense. It's great for us, being the preseason. You might as well go play the best, right? We'll see how things go as we pick up their blitzes, and the blocking, especially the blocking because everyone is big. It's a challenge for us.

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