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OLine Coach Flaherty on LT Beatty


Q: Is there an adjustment period for David Baas?A: We are in our sixth game now so there is no more adjustment period for anybody.

Q: How different is it now coaching this line rather than before?A: The type of players that we have, the challenges are all new. From a coaching standpoint for me, it has been refreshing. The types of players that we have in our room now are growing. They have a high level of energy. They have been really good at adjusting and it takes some time to be able to work with one another. Sometimes that takes two games or three games or eight games. You really don't know or at least I haven't figured out that yet. You just hope that every play gets better and better.

Q: Would it have been better to have an offseason program?A: That is something that always helps but we are all on the same playing field. The defenses that we are facing were under the same rules unless they cheated, so it is a challenge. It really is.

Q: How did you make up for lost time?A: You try to speed it up with as much time as you are given in training camp and the adequate time you had in meeting rooms. You try to do it as much mental but you still have to do it physically. You have to do it full speed, which is only game speed.

Q: How much did it help that David Baas had five years of experience before coming to the Giants?A: He has played the NFL game and he has played at the offensive guard spot more than the center position but he sure knows how to play. He has been well coached and he is a great individual to coach because of his growth and the talent that he has for that position.

Q: What have you done to help the growth of the offensive line as a whole?A: We just reinforced how we are going to do things and we worked that out in our meeting rooms. When we take it to the football field on game day, they have to communicate fast because everything is faster. In the meeting room it is not as fast and you have time to talk about it. Once you get out on the field, you have to see things and diagnose them pre-snap and post-snap. It happens fast.

Q: How has Will Beatty played?A: I think that every time he plays, there is going to be a learning experience. He is playing against different people and one week it may be a fast guy and the next week the guy may have more power. Another week, a guy may just be a 10-year veteran. He just needs to see things over and over. He sees things on tape going into the games but he has to live them playing in the games. It is something that is going to be new. The thing I want from William is for him to understand how well he can play and not so much who he is playing against. It is what he does, his technique and his fundamentals. His technique and fundamentals will get better but we will focus on what he can do and not what other people can do.

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