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OT Kareem McKenzie Transcript


Q: What is the CBA update?A: As far as I know, I have not received any update as far as it not being done by tomorrow. Of course that can change throughout the day and whatever different details they need to hammer out to get that done. Hopefully they can hammer them out so that we can get out there and practice.

Q: Have you guys voted?A: Right now they are trying to get the final details of the CBA negotiated so that we can actually see the agreement as a whole so then we can vote. At this point right now, we don't even have the agreement. There are still some main issues that need to be hammered out.

Q: Are you worried that something can be put on hold?A: Not in the least bit. You have to go ahead and let the individuals who have to negotiate and take care of the different issues and we had a conference call the other day to be made abreast of all the things they had to hammer out. We have to put our faith in our leadership and on the NFL side, their management counsel so we can go and get this done. So everybody can get back to work and football as usual. It is conceivable that it can get done by tomorrow.

Q: How is it conceivable with such a short amount of time?A: It is not as difficult as it sounds because the different remaining issues as far as the commissioner discipline and other things that need to be hammered out, should be taken care of. The guys are generally concerned about, in terms of the new CBA agreement and different issues that we have to go ahead address to make sure everyone is in agreement with it. Everyone feels good about it. We can go ahead and not even worry about it, put this thing to bed and get back to football as usual. 

Q: What is the process?A: We go ahead and have the remaining issues that need to be hammered out, taken care of. We go ahead and get it, take a look at it and recommend to our players to accept it or whatever the case may be and take it from there.

Q: Out of all the issues, which issue has the widest gap?A: I couldn't tell you. It is really up to DeMaurice and those guys to get me that information because all we know right now is that there are a few remaining issues but as far as the widest gap, I couldn't tell you. 

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