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OT Will Beatty Transcript


Q: What was your foot injury like last year and what was your experience with the injury?A: It was a painful experience. Going into the season and the first game, you want to do so much and have so many goals set forth. Then having to break my foot and recover from that injury. It was a learning experience for me.

Q: What did it feel like?A: You're out there and you're sitting in a boot and cast and you are not being able to walk. Everything you want to do on the field requires you to walk. The treatment and rehab wasn't the easiest thing I had to go through. It was something that I had to do to get back on the field. For Leigh Weiss and everybody taking care of me, it turned out to be a good thing. I don't know why but the Lord blessed me and I just take what comes.

Q: What was the hardest part of the recovery?A: The hardest part was having to stay focused. You are still in meetings and you are still taking notes and doing things like that but you are not able to get on the field. You are not playing Sunday but you still have to stay focused so when you are back out there you don't miss a beat. That was just from me being in the meetings and making sure I am wide awake and having a cup of coffee beside me.

Q: Was it hard to cut or move?A: You just had to know that the doctors did their jobs. Having surgery and still feeling it but you are ok. It is that mental block that even if you cut or down block, you will still be ok.

Q: How can you relate those things to Prince?A: He just has to stay mentally focused. Just make sure that he knows he is surrounded by a good team of doctors and specialists that will take care of him to the best of their abilities. Knowing to trust the coaches and their decisions and they want our safety. They want us to play for many years and just the safety of the team. Just know that everything is going to be alright.

Q: What is the pain like when you first get it?A: The pain is like you twisted an ankle. I was still walking on it and I was like I am. That next morning you're like, yes it is broken.

Q: How did you break your foot?A: I don't remember the exact play.

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