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P Matt Dodge Transcript


Q: Can you talk about you kicking off? Where is that right now?A: I think right now both of us are able to do it. We're just going to go back and forth. At least that's my understanding; we haven't talked too much about it.  We'll probably talk more.  I think today is more of a punting day so tomorrow we'll probably talk about it more.

Q: Is kicking something you look forward to?A: Yeah, especially with the ball moved up you just try to hit it and get a touchback. That's the best way to go.

Q: Things seem to be going well for you in the competition with Weatherford. How do you think you're doing so far?A: Pretty good.  It's so frustrating when you don't kick to your potential all the time but if anything it's been fun to watch Steve.  He's a veteran where I want to be one day. His direction is on point every day so it's fun to watch how he goes about every day. Anything I can learn, as much as I possibly can, so that if I'm blessed enough to be here next year or this year I can keep using what I learn from him.

Q:  You were working with Jeff Feagles a lot before last season, is he still around?A: I actually saw him today. He was here for a little bit. 

Q: Last year Coach Coughlin talked about working on your situational punting. What did you do to strengthen your punting game this offseason?A: A lot of the same stuff we did last year as far as the drills. A lot of that stuff was new to me so I kind of went out into the field and told my dad, this is what we did last season, tried to get maybe more successful so we would do that.  I started really to mimic what we did here. We'd do times, we'd move the ball, try to get outside the numbers stuff like that.  It's hard to simulate it on a high school football field but we tried as much as possible.

Q: So you did try to set up situations like it's 4th and long and I'm on the 20?A: Not too much. For me, I just kind of want to hit the same punt every time.  Unless, you're obviously trying to down it, but if I can just hit a quality punt, it's going to go far enough whether you're at the 20 or the 2 so I don't get too psyched up for that.

Q: In terms of directional kicking, I know that takes a while to learn.  Is there any way you can expedite that?A: Yeah, just trust yourself.  That's pretty much the biggest thing. It's not really that…it's different but it's not really that…I mean I've done it before.  So you've just really got to trust when you're going out to the right to just keep it out there and not worry about hitting it out of bounds too early or stuff like that so just trust that it's going to go where you want it to go.

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