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P Matt Dodge, WR Ramses Barden, QB Sage Rosenfels

P Matt Dodge

September 2, 2011

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Re: Two punters in camp.

A: It really reminded me of college. In college you have two or three punters at a time, so you're always splitting reps. It wasn't too crazy. I thought it was cool. It was neat having another guy out there, doing it with you.

Q: Is it good to know that either way it works out, you're looking at a job somewhere?

A: People have said that. I don't know that for sure. Until you have a job, you don't know that. It's cool to put yourself in that position. I'm pretty excited. Tomorrow I could either be playing here or be back home or wherever, so it's a pretty exciting time.

Q: You're happy with what happened?

A: I'm absolutely thrilled.

Q: How weird is it just waiting?

A: It's pretty exciting to me. Coming from a real small town in North Carolina to now having the opportunity to be in New York again or be anywhere in the country or be back in North Carolina, I'm pretty excited about it.

Q: I think excited is not the word I would choose.A: That's the word I would choose. I'm not nervous at all, to be honest. We'll see. Whatever happens, happens.

WR Ramses Barden

September 2, 2011

* *

Q: Are you disappointed they put you on PUP?

A: Not really. Thinking about it, it might have been the best decision as far as giving me enough time to not only get healthy, but have that time to get conditioned. I would hate to come back and have some sort of injury from concentrating on another muscle or joint. We've seen that happen a couple times already this year with Bruce [Johnson] and possibly Clint [Sintim]. That's the last thing that I would want, to come back and think that everything is good and not be conditioned enough to take the rigors of the game.

Q: How much practice do you need before you can get on the field?

A: To be honest, I know what goes on in practice. I watch every practice. From a mental standpoint, there won't be any drop off. There will come a time while the rest of the receivers are doing their receiver drills, I'll be doing the same thing, I'll just have to be on another field.

Q: At the start of camp was there a timetable?

A: To be honest, no. I told you guys, for the most part, what I knew. Play it by ear and this seemed to be the smart decision. It's the smart decision not to rush it.

Q: Did you think PUP would be a possibility?

A: I didn't even think about it. I didn't even understand really what PUP was. I didn't know there were two different sets of PUP. It was, let's talk to the trainers and get on page with them and we'll move at the pace that they want to.

QB Sage Rosenfels

September 2, 2011

Q: How do you feel about your chances of making the team?

A: I practiced for 17 weeks last year. I played in 46 preseason games over the course of 10 years and I missed a couple preseason games but with veterans you have something to go off of. The things they have done and you figure they can do that in the future. It is not like I was injured all training camp and didn't practice. I did practice the first few weeks and played pretty well. I showed some things I can do and I feel like I know the offseason better and better every day. I know confidently that if Eli got hurt I could come in and win games for us.  

Q: Do you think Tynes is lobbying for you?

A: I would assume so. We went 17/18 last year when I was holding so we have very good rhythm and he has a huge amount of confidence in my holding abilities. I think he wholeheartedly thinks I am the best holder in the league. I take a lot of pride in it and I take a lot of pride in the fact he had a very good season when I was holding. 

Q: He hasn't played since you got hurt?

A: Yes, I guess it was the last play for both of us.

Q: How sick were you in the first game?

A: I was shaking and sweating in my bed. I could barely get up and go to the bathroom. I felt half good enough to play so I felt great.

Q: Why didn't you tell anyone?

A: My job is not to tell you guys how I feel. My job is to go out there and perform and whether you are feeling great or not feeling great. I knew the risk but I am a football player and if you are 75-80 percent, you are fine.  


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