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Q:  When you look back on what happened here with the social media thing, how would you change it?**
A: It was just disappointing because I pride myself on being a good example, and that was a lack in judgment. Everybody in this locker room loves each other. We all get along great. It's simply horsing around. It wasn't perceived that way, and I apologize for that. It was a mistake on my part. What happens in here stays in here, and I think everybody in here gets along great, and it was just perceived wrongly, and that's my fault and I apologize for that.

Q:  Did you talk to Coach Coughlin?
A: Absolutely. Obviously he's a very private coach, and for good reason. A lot of what goes on in here should stay in here. This is a family. We get along great and like I said, it was just disappointing for me because I pride myself on being a good example and a role model, and I wasn't thinking when I posted that.

Q:  Did Coach Coughlin or the team issue any rule changes about social media or hazing?
A: No, the rules have always been the same. Like I explained to Bruce, nothing has changed.

Q:  The video shows something mean being done to one of your teammates, do you have any issues with the act itself, the hazing or whatever it was?
A: Like I said, it was just horseplay. Training camp, that's all I can comment about that.

Q:  Thought on the chemistry of the team:
A: It's always been the same. It's a very close-knit team, tons of synergy on this team. We get along great; we get along exactly like we did last year, so nothing has changed. I apologize for posting that because I understand that we're examples for a lot of young kids, and that is not what I was aiming to do.

Q:  What do you want the message to be for kids that may have seen that video?
A: That was simply horseplay, and it was not meant to be hazing of any sort towards any of our teammates, and that's simply all that it was.

Q:  You understand the big deal in that aspect, with hazing and bullying in the lower levels?
A: Sure, absolutely. We all went through grade school, and middle school. We understand the difficulties of growing up and being accepted. This had nothing to do with anything like that.


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