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P Steve Weatherford Transcript


Q: How far was the move?A: I'm actually not moving. I am going to stay in the same place so not far at all. The only transition for me is moving the family out first. But first things first, I'm focused on football and really excited to have the opportunity to play for the New York Giants.

Q: What was free agency like?A: It was fast. I think it was like that for everybody. There were some choices to make going into free agency, just having the relationship with Zak DeOssie, Lawrence Tynes and having a familiar relationship with Tom Quinn, I knew going into free agency that this was the place I wanted to play. I enjoyed my time playing in this stadium and I enjoyed my time playing with Rex Ryan but it was time for me to move on. Just talking to my representation, this just felt like a prefect fit for me.

Q: What are your thoughts about joining this franchise?A: A, it is New York and B, it is the New York Giants. It's a prestigious franchise that has been playing at a high level of football for a long time and I'm blessed to get the opportunity.  

Q: Were you surprised or disappointed that the New York Jets didn't try to re-sign you?A: It wasn't something that I wanted to do so we didn't reach out to them. It is nothing against them. I enjoyed my time there but for me, I felt like it was just time to move on. I enjoyed the two years that I played there. I have nothing but the best things to say about Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson and as a franchise. They are great but I want to win a championship here.

Q: Why was it time to move on from the New York Jets?A: My wife loved New York and going into free agency coming off of a strong season where I tied an NFL record with punts inside the 20 and I had twenty-two inside the 10 so I knew options would be there. I really like the coaching staff here. I feel like this is a really good fit and I can do well what they like. I know that Jeff Feagles is a hall of famer here and I tried to model myself after him in the younger years of his NFL career. I think I have watched enough film of Jeff to make any of you guys puke but I am definitely prepared for the challenge.

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