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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers - 11/21

Q:  What did you take away from the playoff game from last season and what has carried over to this year?A: Not much from last year as far as bringing it with me. I think you learn that it's all about playing the right way at the right time and we didn't play our best football and they did. They were the better team and they won, and that's why they moved on.

Q:  Eli Manning has been adamant this year that he's not in a slump. Did you feel like you were in one earlier in the year and what did you do to focus and rebound from that?A: I don't know exactly what you can consider a slump. I've just been continuing my preparation, trying to be focused every week and be the best I can.

Q:  Jermichael Findlay said there's been a little bit of a lack of chemistry between you two. Do you think that's the case and, if not, what explains his lack of production this season?A: You're asking a lot of questions about earlier in the year, can we keep them a little more up to date, please?

Q:  Randall Cobb has been playing well recently. What does he bring to the table and why has he been so effective?A: He's a big-time player; he's got a lot of great attributes. (He) comes to work, he's prepared, runs good routes, understands the game, been making the most of his opportunities.

Q:  Tom Coughlin mentioned that you've been pulling the ball down a little more and making plays. Is that a conscious decision on your part or is it just trying to make plays?A: I would have to see what the context is that he's mentioning there. If he's talking about me running, I think it's just a reaction thing. I don't know exactly what he's talking about.

Q:  When you face a front four like the Giants pass-rush, does that add any level of intimidation?A: They have a great front four. They really get after the passer. More than their front four, they have other guys that they can bring in to rush. It's a talented defense. We're going to have to be ready.

Q:  Coming off a five-game win streak, and facing a Giants team in need of a win, what's this game going to be like on primetime?A: I think you can expect a good game. They're a really good football team, they're first in the division, we're tied for the division lead, and so, you have a couple of division leaders squaring off. I think that's pretty exciting, plus the last two teams to win Super Bowls.

Q:  How would you compare your play this season to years past?A:  I think it's pretty close to the way last year went. We were 10-0 last year at this point. You learn a lot as you go. You go along in your career and you gain experience and you see a lot of different looks. Obviously, you're going to make some mistakes along the way, but I feel like I'm improving this season and just trying to find ways to get better.


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