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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Interview


Q: How much of a motivation is an unbeaten season?

A: It is motivating to go out every week and compete better than you did the previous. We have been able to play the way we wanted to play consistently the first 11 games. We will see what happens when we get down this road a little bit.

Q: Is it something discussed?

A: No, that is not something that we vocally talk about as a goal. Our goal is to win the division first, get a home game and give ourselves a chance and go from there. We put ourselves in a good position to be able to talk about those things by taking care of business the first 11 games. We are going to keep on plugging away and hopefully we will be able to talk about this at the end of the season.

* *

Q: What do you take from the way the Giants played against the Saints on Monday?

A:  I thought Drew played extremely well and he is playing as hot as any quarterback in the league right now. It is tough when you run up against a (quarterback) that is playing that well and getting the ball out of his hand that quickly. He did not let the Giants pass rush get to him. The Giants are 6-5 right now and one game back of the division; they understand how important this game is. We do as well with potentially wrapping up the division this week and obviously we are playing for postseason seeding. It is an important game for both teams and it is a tough environment. We know what kind of game we will be in for.

* *

Q: Is it good to be the team to follow that act or is it bad?

A: I think, at this point in the season, you are who you are and you know the kind of execution you can put together on game day so we know the talent they have on that side of the ball and being an offensive player, I just focus on their defense. They have talent on that side of the ball and a lot of pride. We know what talent they have and the game that they are going to give us. We are not putting a whole lot of weight into Monday night, knowing that they are a team that can bounce back and give us a lot of issues.

* *

Q: Why were you so effective against the Giants last year?

A: We just executed really well. We started off with the 80-yard touchdown to Jordy Nelson and we were just able to make the plays that we needed to make. We had tight windows and we came up with the catches and throws we needed to make. Our defense forced six turnovers so when you force a bunch of turnovers and give the offense a short field, we were able to capitalize on turnovers.

* *

Q: Did the play action on the Nelson TD affect Antrel Rolle and that is why you were able to make that play?

A:  We were doing a little play action so I would like to think he bit on the play action a little.  We had just enough of a window and I was able to get Jordy the ball and he kept going and did the rest.

* *

Q: What was your reaction when the Colts rested their players a few years ago against the Jets?

A: I don't remember the exact year but I do remember some teams that flirted with it. I know the Patriots went all the way to the Super Bowl undefeated. The Saints, I believe, two years ago started with 13 and got beat. I think Drew sat out the last game of the year. We are not really thinking about that right now, we are thinking about the Giants. I think there are no games that are not meaningful in a 16-game season.  

Q: Would you be disappointed if the Packers rested guys instead of going after the undefeated season?

A: I trust in the leadership of our coaching staff but I still believe that there are not any meaningless games at any point in the season. 

* *

Q: Was that victory over the Giants the catalyst for your Super Bowl run last year?

A: It was important, especially what happened the week before with DeSean running back that punt for a touchdown. We knew that regardless of what happened to us against New England, we could win our last two and be in the playoffs so that coupled with Detroit beating Tampa Bay. It was a big game for us at home coming off of my second concussion and I wanted to play well. I was able to have the game that I was looking for and our defense obviously did a nice job getting turnovers and putting up points to win. We still had a tough game against the Bears but I think because that was the game to get into the playoffs, as tough as that last game was against the Bears, the time after we won that we were able to exhale. We were in the playoffs now and anything can happen.

Q: Did you envision being this good of a quarterback two years ago?

A: I have pretty high goals and standards. The way that I work and care about being great. These were some of the things I was hoping for. Winning the Super Bowl obviously and follow it up with a consistent season. I don't think you can think too far ahead in the moment of the season but I definitely was hoping for this kind of a season. To be successful and when you have a solid organization that has great leadership from the top down, there is the opportunity to have this success both with the team and individually.

Q: How do you think you are better than you were a year ago?

A:  I am just more consistent. I am not missing the throws that I should be making. I am making better reads and getting into some better situations at the line of scrimmage when I have those opportunities, just being an overall consistent player in every facet 

* *

Q: Does the MVP cross your mind as one of those goals?

A: Not really. That is something you think about after the season and right now we are just focused on the Giants.

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