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Panthers Coach John Fox

Q: Talk a little bit about how your first team did.

A: We were pretty simple coming into this game, executing a little bit better. We got out of our gap two times. First, we were not wide enough, and second, we had a guy run though and it wasn't the right timing. I think that for the first game, the defense played hard, but we didn't execute as well as we needed to.

Q: What's your early impression of…

A: You have to look at the tape and watch some things, I can't make that evaluation. Coming away from it, it was definitely a measuring stick. We have work to do.

Q: How about James Anderson?

A: James accomplished things. James got more playing time, but I'm not really sure what happened on that play – they must have mis-blocked because we didn't have a block up. They probably just didn't execute on that particular play. We had one dog, and he came around. James does blitz pretty well.

Q: What about Mike Goodson?

A: He's a rookie and he's going to make rookie mistakes. You never know where you are until you play the first one. He's got a lot of promise but definitely a lot of things he's got to work on.

Q: Talk about that first half run.

A: I think he showed some burst and acceleration there. Again, there is some good with the bad. I think, like I said, he's a young player in this league and he'll get better.

Q:  Any surprises tonight?

A: Off of the top of my head, not really. Other than we have things to work on. It was an interesting game. We need to move forward and get better.

Q: You were laughing at the end when you shook hands with Coach Coughlin…

A: Well, it was kind of an interesting end. I'm sure both sides feel like they have a lot to work on.

Q: And it's time to do that?

A: Yes.

Q: What do you think about your team's tackling, particularly in the first half?

A: One run was so wide open it was tough to tackle, but we definitely have some things to work on. This is the first game we've played in this defense, and I think we still have some things to work on.

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