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Panthers RB Mike Goodson

Q: Talk about the run on the quick pitch.

A: It was a great block by Ryne Robinson, he sealed the edge for me and I just got down the field.

Q: And the touchdown?

A: Just using vision. Coach Skip (Jim Skipper) always talks about reading our keys and those guys are kind of spilling into the outside so I just read it and cut it back.

Q: The gesture?

A: I just went back to my college days on that, but I was told by Skip not to do that anymore, so I'll try not to do that anymore.

Q: But that's what preseason is for.

A: Exactly. Get all the stuff out, get all the kinks out and just learn.

Q: How would you evaluate theght for yourself?

A: I think it was alright. Like I said, it gives me some things to go back on and get better at. It also gives me some things I did well.

Q: Can you talk about the TD run? Was that supposed to go to the other side?

A: Yeah,it was called to go the other way,but the end was spilling really hard. It was cutting in so I knew that bouncing it outside, there would be nobody there so I just took it upon myself to take it out there.

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