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Part 2: Prospects make their own pro comparisons

The future of the NFL is in Indianapolis this week for the annual NFL Scouting Combine.


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By the hundreds, the top prospects from college football are looking to showcase their talents through workouts, exams, interviews, and much more in hopes of making it to the next level. is rounding up interesting news and notes on the NFL hopefuls from their media sessions, including pro comparisons and their toughest opponents. Offensive linemen, tight ends and specialists spoke on Wednesday before quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs are slated to go throughout the day on Thursday.  

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TE E.J. Bibbs, Iowa State

NFL idol: "I kind of look up to Antonio Gates. I love his game and admire him a lot. I look up to him a lot."

WR DaVaris Daniels, Notre Dame

Models game after:"A guy that I look into is [Colts wide receiver] Reggie Wayne. It's kind of fitting that we're here at the Colts' stadium, but I've watched him all my life. We've got similar body types and playing size so I try to mimic some of his techniques.

"I just liked the way that he reminds me so much of myself — a quiet leader. Completely humble. A quiet superstar — that's the level that I hope that maybe I can get to one day and be that type of leader. Lead by example. Not have to be a rah-rah guy, because that's not my type. Everything he does reminds me so much of what I'm capable of."

WR Stefon Diggs, Maryland


On whose game his is similar to:** "I wouldn't say I pattern my game on anyone. I respect everyone in the game right now. There's a lot of great athletes, a lot of great players and a lot of great men, I'd say. But I don't pattern myself on anyone."

On relationship with Ravens wide receiver and Maryland product Torrey Smith: "Yeah, me and Torrey have had numerous conversations, especially with me coming out. I had more conversations with him about where I should be training and what I should be doing. He just gave me a lot of advice, because as a Terp, he came out pretty high and he was a fast guy, so I want to run fast, kind of, just like him."

OT Ty Sambrailo, Colorado State

NFL player he watches: "[49ers tackle] Joe Staley, being from the Bay Area, he came out kind of when I was starting play tackle. He's always been a great player, fun to watch, athletic, technician, he's got a little edge to him. Great feet."


WR Devin Smith, Ohio State**

Player he emulates: "Jeremy Maclin is one guy I kind of model myself after a little bit. I watched him when I was at Missouri. He was probably the reason I wore No. 9. He's one of my favorite receivers. The thing about him is that when he runs, it looks so natural and he runs so smooth that it really looks easy to him."

Toughest matchup: "That's kind of hard to tell because a lot of corners played off because they were threatened by my speed and threatened by all our other receivers going downfield so I didn't really go against press as much. But from watching different corners on film and watching them on the other side of the ball, Cyrus Jones from Alabama was pretty good with his hips and was physical at times. For the most part, not many people pressed me as much."


RB Jay Ajayi, Boise State**

NFL idol: "Growing up, watching the Cowboys and watching the way Emmitt Smith ran, how great of a running back he was, it really motivated me to just try to do great things just like him."

On NFL players he watches: "Definitely guys like Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch. Those are the four guys I really pattern my game around, just the style of play that they have, being complete backs and being able to be on the field all three downs. The tenacity that Marshawn runs with is something I try to put in my game as well, just fighting for every yard after contact. Those four guys are the top five running backs in the NFL. That's what I want to strive for and work towards."

WR DeVante Parker, Louisville

Toughest matchup: I'd say P.J. Williams from Florida State…Because of the type of techniques he uses. He just changes what he does so, so you have to readjust to what he's doing.


WR/TE Devin Funchess, Michigan**

On whether he considers himself a WR or TE: "I consider myself as a ball player."

Players he emulates: "The Calvin Johnsons, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, try to take a little bit of Ocho Cinco [Chad Johnson] with his route running ability. And the old Terrell Owens because he just was an animal back in the day."


WR Nelson Agholor, USC**

Models game after: "Most recently, Antonio Brown is a guy with a running back-type mentality when he catches the ball. Reggie Wayne has always been a consistent receiver I respected. I have a lot of respect for a lot of the pro receivers. I watch a lot of them from A.J. Green, some of the new guys, Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham. But some veterans like Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Antonio Brown would be the ones I watch the most."

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