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Player Quotes: 12/14 - Wilson, Nicks

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Update on Ahmad Bradshaw:
A: It would have been a reach for him to be ready. With someone like that, his constitution, you have to give him every benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he'd be disappointed right now. He thinks come game day it's all going to straighten out for him. In this case, it's, medically, really the only wise move.

WR Hakeem Nicks

Q: Coach said that you seemed to be getting better as the week went on. Is that how you feel?
A: Yeah. I feel good and I'm ready to play. Big game. We need it. Focused on playing team ball and get the job done.

Q: Roddy White said he and Julio Jones are the best pair of wideouts in the league. Is that ringing a bell?
A: I think that was earlier in the year, but that isn't anything we're focusing on. We're focusing on playing team ball and doing what we've got to do to get this win for our team and our organization.

RB David Wilson

Q: With Ahmad out for Sunday, does that reaffirm what you kind of already prepared for on Sunday?
A: I always have been preparing because you never know when your opportunity is going to come and when you're going to be the guy. So even the first week of the season I was practicing to be prepared for whatever and it's been that way ever since. This week, Ahmad hardly didn't practice at all and when you see that you know it's a possibility that you're definitely going to be the guy. So I took it with the same approach as I always do.


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