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Players Quotes - August 13: Tuck, Kiwanuka


Q: Have you replaced Janzen Jackson on the roster?
A: Not yet

Q: Was he just not working out or you had somebody else in mind?
A: Probably more of that.

Q: More that you had someone else in mind?
A: More that he didn't play as well as we thought he should have played, so
maybe we can do something about that.


Q: As you looked back on the tape from the first game, what did you see against the Jaguars?
A: Necessary improvement.

Q: Are you pleased with where you guys are?
A: We're never pleased with where we are. There's definitely room for us to grow. We did some good things and we did some bad things. That's why we come out here and practice every week. If we were satisfied with where we're at we would just wait until the next game.

Q: From the curiosity perspective, how eager are you to see Tebowmania on Saturday?
A: I'm just eager to play the game, and fortunately for us it involves Tebow. I might not even get the opportunity to play against him. I don't know how they're going to do it. What I'm worried about is their right tackle, their right guard, their center, their left guard, and their left tackle. That's what I'm facing; quarterbacks are just a bonus.

Q: Look at the film against Jacksonville, and what did you see?
A: Obviously, we always want to come out with the win. We didn't get that. There's areas we can improve on but that's the nature of the preseason. We have little things we've got to take care of and make sure we get it done.

Q: Looking forward to playing the Jets?A: We always are. Whenever you get a chance to go up against our instate rival – close, share a stadium, all the history that goes into it –it's always a fun game but it's also a preseason game, so it's a chance for us to work and hone our craft and make sure that we're setting ourselves up for a good start to the season.

Q: Are there two levels of rivals?A: The ones that are going to impact the season the most, I think that's what you consider the biggest rivals. So it's Dallas, Philly, Washington and anybody in the NFC. There is a little bit added to it because we're in the same city and frequent the same places and you want to able to be the best in your hometown.

Q: Got a game Saturday. Some dude named Tebow is going to be playing for the other team. Are you at least curious to play against him, and see what it is that they want to do with him?
A: No. I'm just curious on getting better. I think the most improvement should be made from week one to week two. So, I'm just curious for us to get better as a football team.

Q: Most improvement from one to two, why? Why are these two games most important to you?A: I think you just knock the rust off for the first game, for people who have been there before. I think the rookies, people who haven't played; they get more adjusted to the NFL game. That's usually when you see the most improvement.

Q: The Jets feel one of the things with Tebow is he makes defenses prepare. The wildcat, you have to prepare a lot during the week for it. Is that the case here? There's a lot more work during the week?A: I would assume so. Most teams don't present you that type of wrinkle in an offense like they're going to. So, it definitely gives you something to work on that you usually wouldn't have to. Still, we definitely have to work on what we need to work on as a defense. If that's what's presented to us, as far as the wildcat, I'm sure we're going to see that at some other point during this year. So, it's good to work on it now.

Q: How important was it to win over them last year?
A: I mean, obviously, I think everyone knows how important that was. That was kind of what started the avalanche of wins for us. I think there was the particular play, that 99-yard touchdown catch that Victor had, I think, after that play we really got a boost of confidence from that. We were able to parlay that into putting a lot of road wins together.

Q: Even though you're a punter, not a return guy, you see some of the problems our return guys have had here. How can you help them?  I know yesterday you were doing some higher kicks, wanted to get more reps out of them.  What do you do for them?A: I think it's giving them a little veteran advice. Those guys are both young. We've got Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley, and JJ [Jerrel Jernigan]. So I think all of them are incredibly talented, but at this point it's just keeping your confidence. After having something like that where you fumble a punt, you can lose your confidence. Once you lose your confidence, it's hard to get it back. I think just staying positive with those guys and encouraging them and trying to get them as many reps as they can because that's huge for them right now.

Q: Obviously, if we have a team that sees they know that, does that puts even more pressure on them?A: Sure, I think that just about the best athlete on every team is going to be the guy that's returning kicks and punts. They're very talented, but I think it's more of a middle game at this point then it is at anything else. We just want to keep them positive, continue to encourage them and like I said, get them as many repetitions and as much practice as possible.

RE: On early struggles in the Jacksonville scrimmage before forcing a fumble:A: Well, in college, I didn't really face a lot of adversity, with the exception of Justin Blackmon, my senior year. I think in the NFL, you do have to have thick skin, and not let things get to you. The greatest get beat, week in and week out, so it's just great just to develop that short-term memory, and just forget about things.

Q: What do the vets say to you? A guy like Rolle, what does he say to you on the sideline, after you give up a touchdown?A: Well, right before we went back out on the second series, Corey and Antrel would just say, "Just forget about it. Learn from it, and put it behind you. We have to come up big this next series."

Q: Antrel was saying something yesterday, about there's no babying in the NFL. You have to turn into a man overnight. Is that a natural lesson? Where do you think you are in that process?A: Was he saying that about me? Or he was just saying that in general?


Q: On Dwayne's ability:
A: I just go out there and try to play with leverage. I use my hands and everything that Coach Nunn teaches us in our individual period and what he tells us to work on in practice.

Q: How does it feel to impress your head coach a little bit?A: It's always good to make a name for yourself. Anytime I can go out there and show him that I can get the job done it only raises my stock and the value that I have.

Q: This line is tremendous competition. Do you sit there and think wow how do I fit in?A: You've got to like to compete. I didn't go to Miami not to compete. I went there to compete and it's the same thing here; if you come here and want to compete it's only going to bring the best out of you. If you go somewhere where you're not really competing how can you get the best out of yourself

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