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Players Quotes - August 21: Manning, Nicks


Q: Is there anything new on Michael Boley?
A: No. They were going to run him today, I haven't seen him. I'll speak with him and see how he felt, but there's nothing else that I can tell you.

Q: How does Rivers look in that spot?
A: Rivers has played pretty well. He's played pretty well. He's gotten better each week. Practiced well. Special teams he's done a nice job. He can run.

Q: What is going on with Shaun Rogers?
A: Well, there's a ray of hope, that's all. We're going to hang in there as long as we can. I'm not going to be able to give you all the medical stuff. He is on his medication, there's a chance that he could come back and play, is what we've been told. We're just going to hang in there as long as we can. See if they can determine where he is and how fast he would be able to play and all that stuff.

RE: Thoughts on the upcoming preseason game against the Bears:
A: It should be a good opportunity for us, to go against another good defense. I think it's been good this week, having three days to game plan and treat it like a normal work week. So, that'll be good. Everybody should know their assignments, and have a good plan to go in, we should be able to execute, and do some things well.

Q: Where is Hakeem right now? What have you seen so far?
A: He seems good. Yesterday, he hit on a couple of nice passes. So, he's still got some work to do. Obviously, it's been a little bit since he's been practicing, but he's looked sharp. He's worked hard, and I'm excited about having him back in the offense. He's such a big playmaker for us.

Q: Given that the fourth preseason game is usually a throw-away for the starters, how much do you really need to see get done in this game against Chicago?
A: Well, the third preseason game is always a game where the starters play the most. They'll play into the third quarter. Going against the Bears, they always have a great defense, good players, good scheme, so it'll be a good challenge for us. Hopefully, we'll be able to go out there, execute, run our game plan very well, and see if we can get a couple of touchdowns.

Q: What are you looking for in this third preseason game and what do you hope to still show these guys?
A: They got me going with the ones so I look at it as really my first preseason game. Getting a real feel and going against a first team defense and out there with the starters and see how productive I can be.

Q: Is it a big deal to go with the ones to you?
A: Definitely. I was nervous a little bit when they first told me I was going to go with the ones. It had to sink in and I got out in practice yesterday and you could tell I was a little bit jittery and nervous. I settled in and now I'm just looking forward to the game.

Q: What's the responsibility like being a part of the starting group?
A: You just feel more… I mean I'm in there with Eli and those guys. You want to go out there and show what you can do and hopefully you can get more reps with Eli and be getting more plays with the ones.


A: It's part of it. I just look it at as an opportunity to get in there and play and learn the system, learn the offense and play ball, which they signed me to do.

Q: Do you just show up every day and wonder if Will going to be able to go today?
A: Yeah and no. I wonder if he's going to go but I take it as an opportunity to get in there and play. That's why they signed me, to produce. I take advantage of the opportunity.

Q: Being a veteran, how do you feel you've meshed into this whole system?
A: It's a learning process. Just getting out there with the ones and learning the entire system, which I'm still probably about 90 percent, 95 percent there, so it's still a learning process. I felt I've done well over the two games that I did get to play.

Q: You have played mostly right tackle, right?
A: I played one year in Seattle at left. Then in D.C., I was the swing tackle.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I'm feeling alright. I feel like it's getting a little better. I tried running a little bit today. It's still not where I need it to be for me to go out there and work.

Q: Was it just sore?
A: Yeah. I mean, it's been a pain, obviously, since the beginning of camp. So, it's pretty frustrating to actually be out this long with a hamstring injury. So, I'm just hoping that the docs can give me some good news in the next couple of days.

Q: What's your true level of concern right now, as far as getting back out there?
A: I'm very concerned about getting back out there. This is valuable time that I'm missing. Using this time to get my work with the first group, build that chemistry early, and it's kind of frustrating, to be honest.


Q: Do you have to wear anything on your wrist when you play?
A: I taped it a special way, but other than that Dr. Shin did a good job. It's holding up, I haven't had any issues.

Q: Was there a difference  in camp when you started working with the ones, did you feel a difference?  As far as the reps you were getting and what you were showing?
A: I think you have to. You have to be on your book and understand what you're doing. You can't be playing and messing up the fits and messing up your drops. All summer long I spent my time, I tried to do a few hours a night going over the stuff, but at the end of the day you want to get out there. You've got to go mess it up live before you can really grasp it. Once you get to camp you have a general understanding about the nuances and the intricacies of the defense really come into play. It's just focusing and honing in. Now, like I said, I've got a good understanding, I just have to focus in every play and really go through my checklist of responsibilities.

Q: How comfortable would you be if you were thrown into the starting lineup?
A: I'd feel pretty comfortable. I've been playing with the guys for the last two weeks, getting more and more comfortable every day. I think I would be alright, not too bad.

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