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Players Quotes - August 26: Rogers, Amukamara

DT Shaun Rogers
Q: Has the swelling gone down?
A: I'm alright.

Q: Thoughts on the possibility of being able to play:
A: Well, we did a little bit more due diligence, and got a little bit better prognosis. Hopefully there is some room left in there to get out there. We're still in the process of making that decision.

Q: What is the next step?
A: The next step, you're going to have to discuss that with Ronnie (Barnes) and those guys as far as that goes.

RB David Wilson
Q: How are you feeling after a pretty big workload Friday night?
A: It was just good to out there and be productive with the first team and go against a first team defense and see I can go out there and make plays.

Q: Pretty happy with your performance?
A: Yea. Definitely and to have that many yards in the amount of plays I had and go out there… I didn't know what to expect so to go out there and just be productive, but there's definitely room for improvement and I know I've got to improve and there's just little details.


DE Adewale Ojomo
Q: Quite the honor to be the sacks leader for the Giants right now:
A: Yes, sir.

Q: How have things been progressing for you?
A: I'm just taking it day-by-day, learning from Osi, Pierre-Paul, and Tuck. Just absorbing the knowledge.

Q: Thoughts on the defensive line guys sharing tips with one another:
A: Yeah, these are some real good guys. Just watching them on film, they give you little tips. Pretty much gives you an edge on everybody else because this is one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

CB Prince Amukamara
Q: What are they telling you about this thing?
A: Just that it's a mild high ankle sprain. They didn't tell me an expected time of recovery, but how I feel right now is a huge improvement than how I felt yesterday and after the game, so we're just taking it day by day.

Q: What kind of treatments are they having you go through?
A: Just ice, compression, elevation and rest. Rehab part is going to start tomorrow. Start doing some marbles and just making it more mobile and just so it can stay loose.

CB Michael Coe
Q: How does it feel being the starting corner?
A: Well I think the coaches prepare everybody to be a starter. We have a slogan, "always work like a champion." Coach Pete (Giunta) always tells all the DBs to always prepare like a starter. You can't be shocked to be out there. You always have to prepare like that. Coach Coughlin and all the staff prepare us well for that every week. I think all the guys out here, regardless of where you are on the depth chart, we prepare like a starter.


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