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Players Quotes - August 30: Tuck, Amukamara

As I mentioned last night, I thought that particularly in the second half, certainly defensively throughout the game, the young men who had the opportunity to play, and play a lot of snaps, it worked out well for us. There were 60 snaps on defense, so that worked out very well. In terms of our distribution, we let some of our starters play what amounted to a quarter, just enough to get in the game, get out of the game, to have some contact because we do play in a week. It's not like we have a long duration, we have to step it up and continue to play and prepare ourselves for game-type conditions. We did that, and to step in with the remainder of our defensive outfit was very good for us. We had a total of 60 plays that were recorded from the standpoint of the New England offense. We had 63 on the other side of the ball. What I'm trying to say is when the substitute guys came into the game, some of the spots were very thin, they got a nice opportunity to play, they played hard, they were physical, and it wasn't an overwhelming number of snaps.

DE JUSTIN TUCKQ:  Does it fill like a new day now that preseason is over?**
A: I guess. It's been a fun preseason; it's been a different preseason. I'm excited to see who we're going to have on this football team because those guys made our coaching staff, and Jerry Reese and his staff's decisions pretty difficult. Heading into the regular season, I'm excited about it, I'm ready to get going, and we start off with the Dallas Cowboys and that's going to be very exciting.

Q:  You went to the hospital to get your shoulder checked out earlier this week?
A: Mmm.

Q:  You're fine?
A: Yeah.

Q:  You've been saying you're fine all summer:
A: I don't lie much.

CB PRINCE AMUKAMARAQ:  How's the ankle feel? You're out of the boot?
A: Yeah, I'm out of the walking boot. I've been rehabbing, walking better, and it feels a lot better than it did last week. It's only been six days, so we're still taking it day-by-day.

Q:  Is there still swelling?
A: Not a lot of swelling, but the trainers told me to not let that steer me the wrong way or confuse me because it's still painful, and like I said, it's still progressing.

Q:  We heard it was based a lot on pain tolerance?
A: Exactly.
READ MORE >> RB ANDRE BROWNQ: You're an expert on cut day.
A: A bad expert. I feel more comfortable though. I feel that other than the one fumble that I had, I feel as though I put a solid game together. I'm sure I'm capable of playing in the league. I know I'm going to be here or if it's not here, I'm going to be somewhere and I know that I still believe that it's going to be my year.

Q: I guess you're happy that you got a chance last night?
A: I feel very comfortable. I feel very good with my ability and that I came out there and I produced what I did. I was out there on special teams. I did pretty good there. On offense, I picked up my blocks. I was solid in my protection and I feel as though I put my best foot forward and I put in a good solid resume.

Q: What's the goal for tomorrow?
A: First, to be a Giant.

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DE ADEWALE OJOMO Q: How did the film review today go?
A: I was real critical of myself. There's things that I can definitely improve on.

Q: Is this technical stuff?
A: Yeah. Technical stuff but I was very pleased with my effort.

Q: What kind of argument for a roster spot do you think you put together?
A: The coaches will go and evaluate the film again tonight and then make their decisions, so hopefully we'll know something by tomorrow.

: A few good things, a few bad things. You kind of go out there and every rep you're getting is something you're putting on tape and it's an opportunity where you're going to be evaluated. You want to make the most of those and the reps I got in there, I felt like there were a few good ones and a few bad ones. I had my opportunities.

Q: You didn't get a whole lot last night. Did you expect that going in?
A: I really didn't know. Usually the last preseason games are where the younger guys, the guys trying to make the team, get a lot of snaps. We didn't necessarily know until the day going into the game how our reps were going to turn out, but I got a good amount of reps in the fourth quarter.

Q: There's a theory that a lot of guys they won't put on the field because they don't want to put them on game tape for other teams. Did that thought cross your mind at all?
A: No. I don't know. You don't really pay attention or think about that kind of stuff. Whenever your number is called, you go out there and try to make plays. READ MORE >> CB LARON SCOTT SCOTT: I didn't get a lot of work before then, they still kept me around so I felt like maybe I showed something at practice or they saw something on film that they liked so whatever opportunity it is, whether it is to help on the scout team or on the team or return specialist or whatever I can do to help the team, I'm willing to do.

Q: Did they say you were out of bounds?
A: From the looks of it, Coach asked me did I go out on the one, which I did not. I just kind of slid in the end zone, but I'm guessing since I caught it on the one and that momentum kind of took me in that they would place it at the one instead of it being like a touchback.

Q: You figured it was a…
A: I figured it was a touchback, so I just kind of slid. If I were to know they were going to do that, I would've turned around and tried to return of course. I'll take it as it is. Either way, a win is a win.


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