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Players Quotes - August 4: Rogers, Pascoe


TOM COUGHLINQ: Chase Blackburn?A: He got hit in the thigh and it gradually got worse so they tried to sit him down a little bit.

Q: What's your impression of the tight end position?A: We've got some talented guys, but they've obviously got some work to do. Martellus is young and talented but he's got to learn our system. He made some outstanding plays early on and we think he's going to be a good blocker. Every day is an important day for his development and the rest of them, too. There's a lot of young guys [at tight end].


Q: How much of a change is it for you because it seemed like in past years you were more of a blocking back and now it looks like you're going to be more of a receiver?A: Yeah, it just kind of depends on what the coaches want to do. Here lately, I've kind of been more of that move tight end. It kind of depends on what direction they want to go in. Q: Do you ever feel like they have forgotten me in this whole thing?  Martellus comes in here and says crazy things about the Cowboys and we all run after him.  Here you are just kind of getting the job done.
Q: That's what I'm supposed to do. That's my job and I don't need to talk or say anything. I just need to show up and work hard and get my work done.


Q: You've been to a couple of training camps now. How's this one treating you?A: It's all right. There are a few changes from the CBA that don't allow us to do the grind twice a day as we did in the past, but it's all right.

Q: Were you very upset by these changes?A: Oh man, I'm devastated. I can't believe they took all this beautiful sun tanning time away from us.

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