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Players Quotes - August 6: Blackburn


TOM COUGLIN Coughlin:I will just start out today by acknowledging the fact that yesterday was a very sad day for all of us in the NFL family. Our condolences, our deepest sympathies, go out to Andy and Tammy Reid and their family at the terrible, terrible loss of their son. We also have Assistant Coach Al Holcomb, who lost his mother yesterday. It was kind of a sad day for us yesterday throughout the league. We also have some news in terms of, I'm not going to try to define all the medical terms that are being used…The suggestion on the part of the group of doctors that have looked at Terrell Thomas is that we try to rehab him and see how he does and if he can get back on the field to do so. He's coming back to camp. He'll jump into a rehab program. We'll watch him very, very closely. We'll hopefully accelerate his… the strengthening of the knee and see how soon he can join us and we'll hope for the very best.

Q: That sounds like a best-case scenario at this point considering…
A: I think it is. I think that's the best way to put it.

Q: So they feel…. The medical people said that it was an injury to the ACL…
A: Again, I can't go… You have to take what the medical people have said and utilize that. I indicated that what I would tell you would be… from what I gather, the consensus. Whether you go, the three doctors that are involved, and you know all three of them – Dr. Andrews being the most recent. The idea is that they would rehab Terrell and see if we can get him to a position where he can come back on the field. So that's what we're going to do.

Q: Are you enjoying working with the quarterbacks as opposed to the wide receivers?
A: It's been great. Obviously, a lot more goes into it. You're more focused on the details of the run game. Some facets are a little bit different. Getting in a little bit more of understanding blocking schemes up front and talking about those and how things play out. It's been a challenge, but it's been a nice change.

Q: Is it strange working with just three guys instead of seven, eight?
A: Yea. The meetings become more of a discussion. There's a lot of give and take. It's got that coach feel to it because there's only four guys in the room, including myself. It's definitely different than having a group of fourteen guys in the room. It's different but I found it really increases the amount of give and take between you and the players. So I've enjoyed it.

Q: After the season Eli had, how do you sit down and say look, you really need to improve on this?
A: I think every good player, great players like he is, Super Bowl MVP type of players; you almost don't have to do that because they want to get better. He sits down after the season and says, 'This is what I can improve on and this is what I need to do.' And you just reinforce that. You bring another aspect to it: Hey did you think about this? Can we work on this? But those great players, they're that way because they push themselves. So you're not in a position where having to always point out to him. He comes to you with things – Hey, I want to work on this. I know I can get better here. Because he's like that as a player, it makes that easy part of my job.

Q: Is there still a competition at middle linebacker? Maybe Chase will retain the job, and Mark's job is to unseat him.
A: I think there's always competition throughout. You have your guys who are vets coming in. This is very unusual, because we have such a great group of young guys. Any time you have competition at every spot, it makes your team better. I think we feel very comfortable with whoever goes in and plays, and that's a good situation to be in. I haven't been in that situation with the Giants in a long time. We really have good, young guys who came in last year and are now back bigger and stronger. We have veteran guys who played in a lot of NFL games, so as a group, we're very deep when we're healthy. You know, there's competition at every position, so everybody is still competing.

Q: You talked about some of the young guys coming back. Jacquian Williams at that outside linebacker, what have you seen from him so far throughout camp?
A: The rookies from a year ago had a hard time. They had no OTAs, no minicamps. They were thrown into the deal right off the bat. This has really been a great year for them, to get OTAs, minicamps, now training camp. What you'll see with all those guys, I'm sure everybody's talked about, Tom's talked about it, is that they've all come back bigger and stronger. I actually think Jacquian has actually grown taller. He's put a lot of weight on his body, and that's helped him and will help him. We'll continue to sue him in a lot of different roles, because of his speed , his quickness and his coverage skills.

Q: Where do you see Jacquian kind of long-term, Jim? He's obviously used a lot to cover as a linebacker. Is he a three down, every down linebacker in your mind?
A: Yeah. He's 240 pounds now. A year ago, I wouldn't say that, because of his weight. Every year, he's going to get stronger, bigger, and retain the quickness that we saw from him as a rookie. So, any time you get that, it's a bonus.



Q: How do you feel a week into camp?
A: It's a little different. Obviously, we're not getting the same number of practices that we've had in the past. At the same point, it becomes more mental, getting in the classroom, longer meetings, the walkthrough at night.  It's imperative that we get those reps in at night at walkthrough. We have the same number of reps as a practice at walkthrough, so it's a good look for us.

Q: Thoughts on Herzlich:
A: He's a good player. He's smart. He's obviously advanced from last year.  He's looked good on special teams, and he's looked good at the mike (middle linebacker).  It's still a competition.

Q: As a veteran, you don't want to sit?
A: No, definitely not. When I was young, I took advantage of every opportunity that I had.  When Antonio would be out, I'd try and take advantage of every rep I could get. He's doing the same thing. He's trying to take as many reps as he can get. When we're out there practicing, he's trying to get reps, at the Will (weak side linebacker) and the mike, the threes (3rd unit), he's going to get as many reps as he can.



]( QB Coach Sean Ryan on working with the quarterbacks as opposed to the wide receivers

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