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Players Quotes - August 7: Nicks, Randle


Q: Nice to see Terrell (Thomas) back?
A: Terrell? I didn't see him, is he here? When I came out here I hadn't seen him.
Q: Do you imagine it would be nice when you see him?
A: Yeah it'll be nice to see him. I'm looking forward to seeing him.
Q: On Hakeem Nicks running on the side:
A: He's been doing them over on the side here, running hoops and that type of thing. He seems to be doing pretty well at it.

Q: It looked like Jernigan had a good punt return in practice yesterday. Has he impressed you in that area?
A: He has. I'm happy with that group. We need to see the three rookies that we have against live bullets back there, so that'll be exciting for us to see. Jernigan's catching the ball better, he's getting started better. Hosley has done some good things as well and he's got some experience coming from Virginia Tech. Reuben Randle's a guy that we've worked back there. I know that he's done it in practice in college but he has been behind two very good punt returners; one that's in the league and one that will be in the league soon.

Q: On Jernigan's ability to move up the field:
A: As soon as they can find the first vertical seam, we want them to take it. We want as many positive yards as we can. He can stretch and cut and that's a great ability to have.

Q: Jernigan has issues with ball security at this time last year. That's a mental thing, is that gone?
A: He did, but I'd hope so. It's a physical thing as well, as far as tracking the ball better and being in a better position. I think he's doing those things. Until you see it with a live punter and live guys coming down you really don't know.

Q: Are you still on the PUP list?
A: For today, yeah. As far as we know for today, yeah. We're just going to see how it responds to that.

Q: What's the next step if today is successful?
A: Continue to do that. Grow in that aspect. Next week, we'll see what they say.

Q: Do you think you'll get to play in Albany at all?
A: We'll see, we'll see. If they choose to let me go out there and do some things as far as running routes on air, with the quarterbacks, we'll see how that goes, but right now we just need to see how today goes and take it from there.


Q: Are you curious to see how you do against another team?
A: Yeah, I am curious. It's exciting to just go out there.

Q: Tom Quinn was telling us that as a punt returner, you have a pretty long stride and cover ground pretty easily.  How much punt returning did you do at LSU?
A: It's something that I did every day. It's something that I've been doing since high school…

Q: Do you feel comfortable doing it here so far?
A: Yeah.



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