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Players Quotes - September 10: Tuck, Beatty


Q: Prince was back on the field?
A: Prince came out and did some work. Hopefully he'll be fine. We'll see how he is tomorrow.
Q:  How did he look?

A: Well, it's early, it's his first day to really come back and get some work. It's just good to see him out there. I'm sure he's going to have to work through some things.

Q:  Was he able to practice through the entire practice?
A: He did some of everything.

Q: What kind of challenge do mobile quarterbacks present and what did Romo do to avoid your pressure?
A: I don't think his mobility factored as much into why we weren't able to get to him. I think he did a great job of changing the snap count, keeping us off rhythm. They got their running game started up in the second half, so I think he did a lot of other things to keep us off rhythm and I think we pressed a lot. I think as a d-line, especially being out there on a Wednesday night game, everybody is watching you. You want to come out and showcase your talents and I think we kind of pressed and didn't really go through our technique as best as we could have and they took advantage of that, so mobility… Yes he's mobile, but I don't think that played as much a factor as people want to give it.

Q: Did Prince show you something when he stayed in that extra play when he hurt his ankle?
A: Yea, stupidity. No…. Definitely. I don't think his toughness is ever a big question. I think he's a tough-minded guy and I think that's only getting better, so hopefully this new injury hasn't been a setback for him mentally because I thought that he was making tremendous strides in that department before the injury.

Q: Are mobile quarterbacks problematic for a team with a good pass rush and that's supposed to be the way to counteract what you guys do?
A: Yeah. Definitely. You always want to go against those quarterbacks that are kind of Statues of Liberty in the pocket. That makes things a little easier, but that's not the way of today's quarterback. Most guys now are mobile and still are franchise type quarterbacks. The Romos, the Vicks… Considering last week's games, the RG3s, the Cam Newtons… It's the way of the world and us as D-lineman have to adjust.

Q: How do you feel?
A: For me, if I don't feel any pain, I feel good. Last week I felt good and ready to go during the game. Gave me a few plays… Felt good during those plays and I'm just waiting until he gives me the go ahead.

Q: How realistic would it be to say now you're going to play 65 snaps or play four quarters?
A: I'm trying to take snaps with… I'm really taking them with the ones. I'm taking the snaps there. I'm also doing them with the twos, so I'm still going against Osi and JPP full-go like letting them know that I'm in here. That I'm trying to work myself out, not just work them out, so Osi has been doing a great job of just helping me out in that aspect. I feel good. I'm just waiting for the coach to give me… Once you're in there, as a O-Line, you're in there. It's not both take a few plays, come out… That type of thing, so I'm just waiting for him to give me a go out there.

Q: Do you think they're limiting you because of your physical conditioning or is it a situation where they're also trying to determine a chemistry situation?
A: I think if you ask him, he'll probably tell you the truth.

Q: Does that change your outlook to try and hurry back and play?
A: I truly believe in doing what's best for the team and trying to do whatever to help the team, so if me trying to get back as soon as possible, which obviously is the important thing for me, I think that it doesn't… because the trainers are going to do what's the smartest thing for the player, which is myself and I want to do what's the smartest thing for the team, so it's kind of like do I come back and play through a little bit or do I just wait till I'm 100 percent and I just feel like I got to go out there and help those guys because I understand what it is to have those types of reps at defensive tackle, so I think all in all you're just going to make the best decision and when I get out there, I'm going to go out there and fly around and play how I play.

Q: Is your mindset to play this week and you just don't know what the trainers and doctors are going to say?
A: That's exactly my thinking, my train of thought, and I feel good out there. It's about to go in the training room and try my best to do everything I possibly can in my power to control what I can control and do what I can do to get back out there because I need to be out there playing. I need to be out there performing and showing the organization that I appreciate them picking me. For myself, the most important thing is going out there and being healthy and trying to go out there and help my brothers out.

Q: This could be the first game for you.
A: It could be, man. It's big. Just trying to play smart ball. Just go out there, do my assignments, read my keys and let everything happen and the play may grant me…. It will come out. As long as I'm doing my job within the defense, within the scheme, I should be O.K.
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