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Players Quotes- September 13: Gilbride, Tuck


Q:  What do you see in the Bucs defense?
A: Right now they have a lot of high draft picks playing up front. They look like they have some power, but more than anything, I see great energy and great speed. A lot of movement, a lot of twists, a lot of slanting and angling, maybe more than what you see normally. Right now, you see because of that, you see a lot of disruption, from both in the preseason, which maybe you might expect it because guys haven't been playing, but you saw the same thing last week in the regular season game, which is a little bit discouraging. Hopefully we'll handle it better than what we've seen so far on film.

Q:  What have you learned about David Wilson since that fumble?
A: We're just very conscious. It was something that we were worried about, we've tried to do everything we can to make him cognizant of how important it is that he focus on that aspect, and as you're concentrating on everything else, that it's second nature. You try and do that and as much as you say it, sometimes it takes an experience like that before you get hit over the head. Hopefully he'll respond the way we expect him to, which is, running as hard as he can, and doing everything he can, that he'll know first things first, you can't turn the ball over.

Q:  Did you learn anything about how he deals with adversity?
A: He's continued to work at it, which is encouraging. I don't know if we learned that, we expected that. So his response has been what we expected it to be. Now it's about transferring it to the game.


Q:  How'd you feel about your performance in Week 1?
A: We did some good things, but not enough good things, not enough momentum-changing plays. We had some opportunities. I thought we could've gotten more out of the kickoff return right before the half, could've had a plus-10 down, could've had a tackle inside the 15, but we weren't physical enough. It was solid, but it wasn't real good.

Q:  What's the reason for having Domenik Hixon return punts?
A: Experience, left-footed punter played an issue in that, because the ball does spin a little bit differently for those guys. Those were the two factors.

Q:  Is this week a right-footed punter?
A: Yeah.


Q: With the three of you guys getting shut out, do you take that as Dallas just played well?
A: They played well. They did. Their offensive line played great.

Q: When you see Tampa Bay on film, what are some of the things they do well offensively?
A: I think they run the ball. I think they've, obviously it's one game, but they were very physical. Kept the sticks in their favor. A lot of third and three and short situations. Not really putting a lot of pressure on Freeman. A lot of comfortable situations for him and that's predicated on the fact that they're physical up front and got that running game flowing a little bit. Wasn't a lot of pressure on them, too, so the offensive line right now, I think, is a strong suit. That's what I've seen from them.

Q: How much have you emphasized being better individually?
A: I think we all emphasized just the individual standpoint, every guy getting in and getting a little bit more film, running faster, being up to speed quicker in practice. As a unit, obviously the better we play as individuals, is the better we're going to play as a unit, but we have to keep in mind we only do this thing as a team, so making sure we're on the same page with each other. Make sure that our calls are all right and making sure everybody gets on the same page and has the same call.


Q: Thoughts on your defense in Week 1?A: I thought we played good ball in the first half, but then in the second half I didn't think we played together as a defensive football team. I thought we, for whatever reason, didn't come together and play together, and that was the most disappointing part of it.

Q: Do you believe your defense understands how to fix these problems?A: Oh yeah. We just didn't play together football last week. Tony (Romo) played really good. He really played good. We helped him because we didn't play as well as we could, we took some chances and did some things that we shouldn't have done, and we'll have better discipline, I believe, this week on defense, and we'll play together better this week since we've seen 60 minutes on tape as a first unit.


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