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Players Quotes - September 2: Randle


Coughlin: Good afternoon. We changed it up here. You're up high and I'm low.

Q: Hakeem sat out today?
A: Sore.

Q: Is he someone that you're going to have to manage?
A: I would imagine.

Q: How tough is it to prepare for a team that you know, but you also know that they're going to come out and probably do different things in week one?
A: It's a little more complex than usual because obviously the start of the year, they've seen what we do. We've had some success. There's going to be the natural modifications or adjustments that take place, but here it's been made a little bit more challenging because you've got two new corners, so now you're trying to incorporate what you saw in preseason and what they did to us schematically last year. What are the normal adjustments and changes that are going to take place? Well what is going to take place because of the presence of those two corners that they've invested a lot of money to get, so you're gambling. You got to have enough answers so 'if they take this approach, we're going to do this.' If they take another approach, we'll do something different, but to be quite honest, you don't know and so we'll wait and see. You're playing the odds or your hunches that they're going to do what we think and devise your game plan accordingly, but you certainly have in your hip pocket the ability to go to something else if they're doing something much radically different than what we anticipate.

Q: How has Justin Tuck looked to you this year?
A: It's night and day compared to what he went through a year ago and it's night and day.

Q: Does he look quicker?
A: Oh yeah. We talk about putting the four guys out there; it's hard to find out who's
the quickest and who's the fastest. Some days I look and I say, 'Boy JPP looks great
today,' but he looked awesome down there and then Osi comes flying off the end and
I'm saying, 'Wow, boy, that's pretty fast.' And then Tuck, he makes a move and I'm
saying, 'Wow, man...' I'm scratching my head and then Kiwi does something. To answer
your question, yes, he does. He looks much quicker and much faster and better than he
did last year because of the things that he had.

Q: You're saying that, so what is an offensive coordinator saying when they go on
the field?
A: 'Don't put those guys on the field.' (laughing) I'm pretty sure that's what they'll say.

Q: Any idea who the punt returner will be?
A: There's a collection of guys that we're looking at. We have four guys who we feel
good with, and can decide who's up, and who's the best for that game.

Q: So the competition will continue into the regular season?
A: Yeah, I mean different guys got hurt at different times that really affected the
competition. Rueben got a fair share at it, Hosley got a share, and Jernigan did. They all
had different things that happened to them in the preseason, so we couldn't just make it
one vs. the other.

Q: Thoughts on Da'Rel Scott's punt block, and the excitement he brings to the unit:
A: It's good, that's something that we've focused on and Larry Izzo has done a good
job teaching that and training that, and gets all of our guys to do it, and we just wish they
would do it more. There are some times when we could take advantage of it and we
don't, but it's nice to see.

Q: Did Morris Claiborne (LSU teammate) give you some of the game plan?
A: No, I wish. I'm pretty sure they're going to have a great one. They have Brandon Carr over there also, so they have two pretty good corners on the outside.

Q: Were you concerned that Hakeem Nicks didn't practice today?A: Not really, I know he's a veteran, he pretty much knows the offense already, he's trying to rest his foot up so when the game comes he'll be prepared. He has to go as fast as possible, that's why he's resting up today, getting those mental reps.

Q: Are you friends with Claiborne?
A: Yeah, we're really close. We were roommates at one point.



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