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Players Quotes - September 3: Kiwanuka, Cruz

Q: Nicks and Boley sat out practice today?
A: Boley didn't. Boley practiced. Nicks didn't. They held Nicks.

Q: Was it precautionary or were there any setbacks?
A: Well there's no setbacks. He didn't work yesterday, so evidently they thought it was in the best interest not to make him any sorer than he is.

Q: How are you going to list him for the game?
A: I'll have to think about that.


LB MATHIAS KIWANUKA Q: What's the intensity like for Giant vs. Cowboys, and what role does Romo play in that?

A: We're talking about opening the season, coming off a big year for us. There are a lot of things that play into it. Whenever you have a division rival, a team where you know them, they know you; it's not about out-scheming each other, it's about playing hard football. We want to get after the quarterback. That's the best way to stop the play before it even gets rolling. As a defensive player in general, we know if we go out there and hit them hard enough, you have a better chance.

Q:  Is there anything about Tony Romo that allows you to get after him easier?
A: It's just a point of emphasis because he's a mobile quarterback. He's a guy that extends plays, and can develop things a lot better on the run than most guys do, so it becomes a point of emphasis. We have to get after him faster because of his skill set.

Q:  Can you feel that people are coming after the champs when you're out there?
A: You feel it, you sense it, you hear it. People talk about it when they're out there on the field. We've been in this situation before, you want to measure yourself up against the best, and it doesn't matter where you're at in terms of wins-losses in the season. If you get a chance at the defending champs, you're going to give it your best shot.

Q:  How intimidating can the Cowboys offense be?
A: They have a great offense; they're a great team. We have to be running on all cylinders on defense, that's what we've been preaching all week. Coach has been preaching that we have to go out there from the start; we have to hit them in the mouth from the start, that's what we plan on doing.

Q:  You have never played anybody like Tony Romo in college. What's that like?
A: I'm not too concerned with that, as long as I'm doing my job, and we're playing as an eleven-man machine. I'm not worried about who's at quarterback. I respect him, but at the same time, I'm just focused on doing my job.

HAKEEM NICKSQ:  Thoughts on sitting out practice leading up to Wednesday's game:A: I know it's for the better. I know they just want to take care of my foot. We don't want any setbacks. It's a big game, opening game of the season; I'm looking forward to that.

Q:  When you made that preseason catch, did that make you feel that you're ready to play?A: Yeah that's the correct read. I just wanted to get my feet back under me a little bit, got about 10 plays in, wanted to see how I was feeling back on the turf, instead of being out here on the grass. I got the feel of it, knowing what to expect. This game I should see about 60 plays instead of 10.

Q:  Thoughts on Giants vs. Cowboys
A: It's special; it's a division rivalry. We look forward to that, it's competitive, we've been preparing well all week, we just have to go out there and get it done.

Q:  Thoughts on the Cowboys changes in the secondary:A: They have some different guys in the secondary; they went out, through the draft and free agency, and picked up some guys. It's going to be a good test for us early in the season. We watched them on the field; we see areas where we can exploit them. We're anxious to get started.

Q: Cowboys corner Brandon Carr said there would be no dancing in the end zone.A: Did he say that? I could care less.

Q:  You knew he said that.A: I didn't know he said that. (pause) I did (laughs).

Q:  If you score, can we expect some dancing?
A: Yeah, I guess that comes along with the Victor Cruz territory right now, so I guess I have no choice but to do that. The ban has been lifted.

Q:  Your grandma would be disappointed if you didn't do it.
A: I know, so I have to keep it going, I can't have her on my bad side. Very excited, especially to kick it off on a Wednesday night, prime time, us against the Cowboys, stuff like that. I'm excited; I'm excited to go out there and play our best football, and like I said, it'll be a very good test for our team this year, we'll see.

Q:  Who gave you the phone call to come back, and what was that feeling like?A: My agent called me and said they asked me to come back. It's a great feeling, its an opportunity, a second chance, they still believe in me. They found enough in me to bring me back; now, I 'm going to make sure I bring my end of the bargain.

Q:  Was it a wakeup call for you?A:  Yeah, that's the way I look at it.  I never go out there and take it for granted.  You have to go out there and work hard, I'm not out there going 50% or 80%, I try to go out there, and even on plays that I screw up on, I try to give it everything I've got.  I don't play with any regrets, it didn't work out and they let me go, but they called me back.  I still have to make some improvements, all players do. For me, just being in-tune with the minor, specific details, it all adds up in the end, it all counts.

CB MICHAEL COE Q:  Thoughts on being out there with the starters Wednesday night:A: I have a great group of guys out there in Antrel and Corey, and a great front four. You trust your defense and you trust everything, and we have a great camaraderie on this defensive unit. We expect whoever comes in to step in and play well.

Q:  As the new guy, do you expect the Cowboys to target you?A: I'm sure; I mean I'm not going to be oblivious to that fact. I know a team like Dallas, and Romo, they're definitely going to execute. But it's practice, most teams change a whole bunch, like what they're going to do, stick to what they're good at, but I'm sure they'll look my way more often than not. I'll be prepared for that.

Q:  Corey and Antrel tend to have the guys over two days before the game. Are you guys doing that this week?
A: We do that, even last year, it's a routine for every Friday. Every Friday we always go to Antrel's, or Kenny's, or someone's to watch the film together, go through the game plan together, and talk about all the notes together. That's just something we always have done, and it doesn't change.


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