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Second round pickDT Marvin Austin(@anchormanaustin):* *

Lockout is lifted now its time to get it!!!!!! #GIANTS !!!!1

I'm so hyped to get off to a great start with the best organization in football the New YorK Football GIANTS !!!!!

CB Terrell Thomas(@TerrellThomas24):

Football is back, let's go baby, #NYG to the super bowl

I'm so excited football is back, ya dig

My bag was 97lbs, had to pay $125 for it, who cares tho, I'm headed to NY baby

I wanna personally want to thank the player reps, these men have fought day & night for months without seeing there families!!! #thanks

TE Kevin Boss (@KevinBossman):

Cool moment on @Espn between Jeff Saturday and Mr. Kraft...lots of respect

First round pick CB Prince Amukamara(@PrinceAmukamara):* *Thank you @nflpa for all the work you've done the past months and for having our best interests in mind! We all appreciate it.

WR Ramses Barden (@RamsesNYG):

JUICED about the Season, but this time of year is always tough. leaving friends and family for such an extended period of time. #DontHateMe

Regardless of which side you were on, you can't argue a better public platform to launch a presidential candidacy. #DSmith2016?

LB Phillip Dillard (@Phil_Dillard):

Can't wait to see what we actually agreed on all the terms and everything

Guess I can call krispy creme and tell them to cancel my order fri bc that would make a sluggish sat ha ha I'm jk

Can't wait to play and get this started but still always hard leaving friends and fam for a while

NYG #NYGiants #gobigblue #NYC #giantfans y'all ready

CB Michael Coe (@MichaelCoe26):

We're Baaaaaaaack!!!

S/O to De Smith and the all the players on executive committee board. We appreciate all ur hard work!!!

OL Shawn Andrews (@IMShawnAndrews):

"@PaulKushJr: @IMShawnAndrews Camp starts soon. You should cut the chips out of the diet."---IM GROWN

WR Devin Thomas(@IamDevinThomas):

Showtime baby! Thats wut it is!

WR Victor Cruz (@TeamVic):

I almost lost hope son lol RT @Scrilla_H: Looks like we'll be seeing @TeamVic back on the field!

OL James Cordle (@JimCordle63):

Final training session with @Mike_Bartos is complete, the wife has me packed, I'm ready to go.

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