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Postgame: Brandon Jacobs after Falcons win


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Q: Do you think you wore them down today?

A: Oh, no question, heavy. They played us good in the first half, you know we tried to find our identity and given the fact that they are an east-west defense, those guys that are really fast that like to do a lot of slants and angling in the d-line. We knew we were just going to have to run it downhill at them.Q: Why do you think the running game has evolved at the end of the season?

A: Well you know at this time of the year I think that's what we're going to have to do to be able to stay in games and we can throw it to win as well but why not use all of your weapons. I think the line did a great job today of opening holes, and I think we got it going late but we got it going in fashionably a time where we could win the game and score 24 points.Q: How do you feel about the chemistry of the offensive line?

A: We have faith in all of the guys that have to get up and get in the trenches for us. I think all of them can play any given position and I think our coach does a good job of putting our players in positions to do things that they're good at, and time in and time out , around the league you see a lot of guys in certain positions when they can't do it. I was actually out on a bubble when today at one point I had to catch a shuttle pass,  something I never practiced, but I knew what I had to do and I got probably four or five yards out of it, but I didn't expect it.Q: When is the last time you ran the ball this well?

A: Well you know. Green Bay the first time, Dallas this year, there's a couple different times where we just had to get away from the run but teams never really just stopped us but there's times we just had to get away from it.Q: Did you feed off of the defense today?

A: Oh no question. I told those guys, and I always tell them, you go out there and you guys set the tone. Go out there and knock somebody on their back, hit Michael Turner, hit him hard because if you don't, he will run up and down the field. And that's what they did, and once I saw them hitting him and stopping him, I was like we've got to get this going because you know they're running the ball and we're running the ball and we can't let this thing go down to the end and not have any points.Q: What did it take to overcome the first half frustrations?

A: Well we made a few slight adjustments. Starting running more downhill, more read plays, you know where we have to look at the linebacker or something and see what he's doing and make our decision. On defenses that like to run east-west that's very fast, that's what you want to do; you want to go right downhill at them.Q: Talk about the 4th and 1 run.

A: Oh well I got it and the linebacker showed his face in the hole and I hit him, I got an extra turn to get the one yard to keep the drive alive.Q: What was the D [defense] saying to you?

A: 'Keep running it, big back. Keep running it, big back, because there's nothing they can do to you. Trust me, we play defense, they don't want to hit you, they're done and they don't want to hit you. Keep running and keep running' and I just listened to them, just keep running and didn't try to make too many moves and ran downhill.Q: What's it like to win a playoff game at home?

A: It's special and I haven't won a playoff game here since I've been in the league. We played here twice, we played the Eagles and lost, and we played Carolina one year and got shut out. So this means a lot to play a playoff game here at home and win.Q: How do you feel about Green Bay next week?  You won in '07 and you played them tough here this year.

A: I don't compare '07 with this team. Green Bay is a very good football team, we all know that. They've got a great quarterback, they've got great wide receivers, they've got a great front seven that plays good, they've got good corners that play good on the outside and it's going to be a dogfight.Q: What are you doing different now?

A: Paying attention to coaches in meetings. [Laughter] No, I'm joking. We always pay attention. No, we just know we've got to put it together and it's that time of the year where guys are going to have to come out and give it their all.Q: How would you rate your quarterback as a rusher?

A: How would I rate my quarterback as a rusher? Me, myself, I would give him a 10 because he got a first down and he keeps the chains moving and that's the number one quality out of a running back that you want to see, to keep the chains moving, and 10 [Eli Manning] did a good job of it.Q: Did he look awkward?

A: You know he did look a little awkward with the slow strides but he got it done. He got the first down and he kept moving. But Eli, I can't say enough good things about E. I think E is a beast, and for anybody in this country to think anything different about him…ya'll know what I mean. Peace out.

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