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**Bills Coach Chan Gailey

Q: On the passing game**

A: They got to us rushing the passer, and we didn't get to them. We had the chance to hit Steve (Johnson) on a couple and missed them. He won, but we've just got to get the ball down the field to him. They made their long passes and we didn't make our long passes.

Q: On defensive effort

A: We gave up too many big plays at that, whether it was clutch situations or whether it was just down the field big plays and you can't do that. And we had some penalties that hurt us on some of those drives and you can't do that, either. We had chances to win the ballgame and we didn't do that. And we had been doing that, but we didn't do that today.

Q: On the idea of letting the Giants score instead of forcing the field goal

A: No, my thought was what happened; I used my timeouts and made them kick a field goal. Then all you have to do is kick a field goal to tie it.

Q: On lack of a pass rush

* *A: Yeah, it's a problem we've got, we do have a problem. No bones about it. And we tried to come after him with five on a lot of third downs in the first half; we still didn't get there. We're going to have to figure something out to generate some kind of pass rush, we are.

Q: On offense going the way you wanted

A: Yeah, we got some big plays out of it. Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) did a great job of checking to the touchdown to Naaman to get us in the right play. He did some really good things during the day. We just need to hit those two passes down the field and we've been doing that some and we didn't do that today.

Q: On view on the pass interception call

A: I couldn't tell. Those guys they can call it or not call it. I'm on the other side of the field, I can't tell.

Q: On the bye week coming at a right time

A: Yeah we are, we've got to get some people healthy. Hopefully we can rest and get some guys healthy and make a run at this thing.

Q: On injuries besides Chris Hairston

A: No, not that I know of. They didn't tell me about anybody.

Q: On Hairston injury

A: Don't know yet. I went in there and at least he wasn't in a boot when I went in there, so that's a positive.

Q: On seeing C.J. at wide receiver more

A: Probably, yes.

QB Ryan FitzpatrickYour reaction and what did you think was the difference?

It sucks. This is one of the hardest parts about playing quarterback, when you don't get the job done and today I didn't get the job done. You know the two interceptions I threw, you couldn't ask for a better coverage, couldn't ask for a better play, couldn't ask for a better route. They were both the exact same thing with basically Stevie on a go route. I want to give credit to Corey Webster. He made plays on both of them. That being said, I feel Stevie beat him and I underthrew both of them. You know, it's hard, we got two chances to win and Stevie's on a go on both chances I would have said we'll win 100 percent of the time. And it didn't happen today and it's something I'll have to live with and work on and all that, but it's tough to look all the other guys in the face but that's what you have to do as a quarterback and a leader and you have to be able to move on from that

There was some talk, on the second one especially, being down there, why not run a little bit and take some clock?

We are trying to score. That's the hardest thing about football. If it doesn't work, you get second-guessed. I'm telling you, I'll take that matchup every time and if I throw a good ball on that, Stevie scores and everybody is happy. It's easy to second-guess it now, but I thought it was a great call and I thought it was the right play.

What did you think of the plan going in, especially with how you used C.J. Spiller?

We did some different stuff with C.J. today and being down another receiver, we just tried to get him out there, get him some more touches, getting him involved. I thought he did a really good job. It's not easy for a running back running receiver routes and lining up in formation like he did, but he did a really good job today.

Sometimes the offense can bail out the defense or vice versa, was today one of those days? It seemed the defense had a rough day.You know what, they gave us the ball back and they gave us opportunities. We had a couple of opportunities there. And it was, it was a perfect day for the defense to get us the ball back and we were going to be able to go and get a team victory if we were able to score there at the end. But it just didn't work out that way.

You are 4-2 going into your bye. A quick analysis. You have to feel pretty good?

I probably can't answer that one today because I don't feel pretty good right now. You know, a lot of it those plays, it's just hard for me. To throw to my go-to guy, the guy I've hit on the same exact route 100 times and to not do it twice, that's just hard for me.

The touchdown to Naaman Roosevelt. Just describe that play.

Yeah, Naaman, the guy makes you smile. He did a great job after the catch. Brought David into the backfield and Naaman, just being a smart football player, ran a route where they weren't to simplify it.

Was it zone coverage?

Yeah, they showed pressure and then ran out and Naaman found a hole and I've got a lot of trust in him and then obviously he did the rest on the run.

Feel like you are lacking a downfield threat?

That's funny, because (if) I hit Stevie twice on those go's and we aren't lacking a downfield threat. I hit Stevie for the touchdown, we got a great play by Naaman, Fred had a big 80-yard run or whatever it was, so I don't think it really matters in terms of play action or throwing it deep every play. I don't think we need to be that and I don't think we are that. As you saw today, we have guys who can make big plays if they get the ball in their hands.

Bills RB Fred JacksonCan you describe the play on that 80-yard run?

The offensive line did a great job. They did a great job sorting things out, we renamed the linebackers so they did a great job getting a hat on a hat and letting me go one-on-one with a safety and making him miss. And it was pay dirt from there.

Your reaction now , did you think you were going to win there?

Yeah, definitely. We feel like we can move the ball against anybody. We had that opportunity, we just didn't  finish it.  You know, give them credit. They made a play when they had to and they got the victory today.

Did they do anything different after halftime? They seemed to shut down the run.

You know, not really. It was just we didn't execute the way we wanted to. That's all of us, myself included. That's something we have to figure out how to do, is finish. You know we have two losses now, two games we didn't finish. And that's not to take anything away from them, that's a good football team, but we feel like we left one out there.

You feel good about where you guys are after six weeks?

Without a doubt. We feel like we are on track to be where we want to be, where we expect to be. We look at the two losses that we have as games we should have won, just didn't finish them. But again, we are on track to be where we want to be. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are excited.

The middle screens, you've been running them and they seem to be working.

Yeah, we have an athletic offensive line. That's one of the things we like about them and one of the things we want to take advantage of, the ability to get out and use that ability to set up the screen. !

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