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Postgame Cardinals Coach Ken Wisenhunt

Needless to say, that was a very big win for us. There were a lot of things that went wrong in the first half, with us hitting balls on the ground and obviously the tipped ball that went for a touchdown, but this is a very good Giants football team. They have the number one defense in the league, Eli Manning is a Pro Bowl quarterback, so I'm very happy with the way our team hung in there tonight even when we had some guys who got nicked up and we had to have some other guys play, like Michael Adams [CB] making that big play at the end of the game. That's what being a team is all about. I think that we made a big step for our team to win on the road in a tough game like this, when things didn't go right in the first half and we were still able to fight through that is a great progress for our squad and I'm really excited about that.

Q: The defense did a really good job last week. Do you think they were even better tonight?
A: There's no question. This is a tough place to play, they've been very good at home, and like I said, they're a very good football team, they know what they're doing – tough, physical – and for our guys to come in here and play the way they did, I'm proud of them. We struggled a little bit at times earlier this season, but we've started to improve over the last three weeks and it's definitely exciting to win.

Q: How did the defense step up tonight?
A: I can't say enough about those guys. You work and practice with those scenarios in case it happens but you never know when you're throwing guys out there under the fire, under the lights like it was tonight, but they were able to step up and to make plays. Michael Adams has worked his tail off for us, he's been a good special teams member, and he got to play a lot of defense tonight when Dominique [Rogers-Cromartie] hurt his ankle, so he stepped up.

Q: Talk about how the defense held the Giants off at the end.
A: Big plays by the defense, I'm very pleased about that.

Q: How did you decide to keep Anquan Boldin in the game?
A: It was a tight decision. We said it was going to be a game-time decision during the week and certainly it is a great credit for him that he was ready to go and he made a big play for us right before the half. That was huge. He was struggling a little bit at the end so we just cut his reps and put some other guys in as well.

Q: You threw a lot of blitzes at Eli Manning…
A: I thought we had a pretty good blitz, the defense went down and brought some pressure and we talked about this earlier in the year, one of the things that we cleaned up during the bye week was how we screened our blitzes and how we changed our alignments. Our guys are doing a good job of it now.

Q: How did you handle the play where [Hakeem] Nicks got a touchdown off of a tipped ball?
A: I think we seemed to gain a little bit, that they could still stick together and not to panic. I know that that was a play that if it had happened two years ago it would have been tough for us to recover from that but after we recovered at the Super Bowl last year after that devastating play right before the half, I think we learned a lot about our team and I believe now that we still, that we can overcome things. Tonight is as tough as it gets, to have the mistakes that we had in the first half and still be in the game and still play the way we did, especially coming out and scoring twice in the second half.

Q: How important was this game?
A: Go in our locker room and ask them. They are very excited right now because this is not something that we have done. We haven't played a lot of night games, especially on the road, and clearly the other one we had on Sunday night did not go so well for us so it was very good to be able to redeem ourselves.

Q: How serious is Rodgers-Cromartie's ankle?
A: It's an ankle and there's not anything fractured or broken in it so the big thing will be to see how he recovers from that.

Q: Warner had a lot of big plays over the middle of the field. Did he see something special there?
A: He was going through his read. We had a good plan and he was trying to make things happen. Once again, that's the number one defense in the league and they play very well. We did a good job of being able to get some plays on them. Kurt does a great job of leading them. I know this has been a tough place for him to come back and play and it was nice to see him play the way he did tonight.

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