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Postgame Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

Q: What can you say? You guys come into New York, primetime, and you get it done.

A: What can you say? I think it was just a great team effort. Defense played great all night. Came up with big play after big play. I think the offense came up with big plays when we needed them, especially done in the red zone. To put the ball in the end zone instead of kick field goals, I think that was really the difference when it was all set and done. I just think it was a great team effort and something that we needed as a football team. To go against a really, really, really good football team and probably would have been good to compete down to the end and whatever happens, but to get a victory in their place on the road. It's just an enormous win for us and our organization. Hopefully we can continue this and we can gain confidence from this and become a tough team to beat.

Q: This team is starting to resemble that team that made that great playoff run. It seems like everything collectively is coming together.

A: It's still early, but I think we're our best football right now. I think that's a good thing. We were all frustrated early in the season. To go ahead and but it all together and I think we're all feeding off of each other. We're feeding off of the defense. The defense is feeding off of our big plays. When something happens bad to us, we respond and I think that's one of the greatest things that we've done this season. In specific games we responded very well to some things going bad. It doesn't get much bigger than to come here and beat this football team,, who's been one of the, if not the best football team in the NFC over the last two or three years. Big win for us. Great team that we played against. It was a great competitive game. Fun game to be a part of and it's nice to go home with a win.

Q: Can you talk about Beanie Wells' emergence tonight?

A: It's huge when you get a lead and you're on the road and you want to be able to run the football. The guys up front did a great job. Beanie did a great job of running downhill, getting some yards after contact, keeping the pile moving. I think we've seen that since day one. We've seen what he can do with the ball in his hands when he's running down field. But he just has to continue to improve on the little things, continue to become more well rounded as far as the passing game and picking things up. That's going to make him even more effective, when we can change pace with him and we can do some different things with him in there. He did a great job tonight and some key runs, especially in the tight red zone where it gets hard to throw the football. To be able to run it down there and get the ball in the end zone was enormous.

Q: Was this one of the most important wins?

A: I think it's a big win for us. Just from the fact that outside of the playoffs last year, we haven't had a lot of quality wins, wins against tough opponents, teams that are playing really well. Those are kind of statement games, where you gain confidence, and you feel like you can compete with anybody. I don't know about most important. I think we had some pretty important games at the end of last year, but this is a big game for us this year. It's a big game for our organization and moving forward. To believe that we can go anywhere and we can play anybody and we can be competitive.

Q: Fun coming in here?

A: It's always fun. It's just a great atmosphere. Having been here and knowing some of the guys on the other side and a number of coaches on the other side, it's always fun competing against great football teams and those guys are a great football team. It's just a fun atmosphere tonight. Sunday night, national TV, that's the way these games are supposed to be played, battling down to the end. Two great football teams and unfortunately one has to win. I guess that we're just fortunate that it was us.

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