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Postgame Chargers Coach Players

CB Quentin Jammer

Q: How big was this win for you guys?

A: Well, they have a great receiving corps, and a great defense. You know, we came out and gave them some things, but in the end we pulled it out. It was a big game for the defense, and forcing two field goals was huge.
Q: That tackle at the four-yard line was pretty big, too:

A: It was huge. If we didn't do that, then it would be a whole different ballgame. We got that holding call, which moved them back and kept them out of the end zone. We have a really good offense that scored 21 points.

Q: What does this win say about the character of this team?

A: We have always had character. But it was the media that put it out there and said that we were done. We have always known that we have a lot of character, you know. We have seen it previous years where we come back, so I can't say enough about the character of this football team.
LB Shawne Merriman
Q: Was this game very important to you?

A: Well, it was another game that we had to win. It was one of those things where we approached the game with our backs against the wall, too. We can't worry about what Denver or anyone is doing in our conference, so we've got to go out and win on from this point on.

Q: You guys made some enormous plays when it mattered the most…

A: They're a tough and physical team, you know. They are going to do some things like run the ball and they have two great backs who can change up at any given time. They're going to do some things but we went out there and did what we were supposed to do.
Q: What did you think of Philip (Rivers) performance?

A: It was huge. I'm just glad to be apart of it and witness that. He bounced back from the interceptions he threw and that's what great quarterbacks do. They know how to forget things and move on.
WR Vincent Jackson

Q: Someone said you play like a smaller receiver, how do you take that?

A: I absolutely take that as a compliment. I feel a lot of people see me on film and realize that I'm 6'4", 230 but I try to run routes do quick ins and outs and they usually lose me like I'm the guy who is about 6' 185.

Q: Talk about the game winning play, you were wide open:

A: I think they were in a cover 2 man, with the cornerback jamming me pretty hard trying to help the safety out. But I gave them a good move at the line of scrimmage. I faked like I was going to go to the post and he was trying to undercut those routes all day and I took it to the corner. Philip threw a great ball all time.
TE Kris Wilson

Q: Tell us how you were able to score some points:

A: I was able to score and get a touchdown. It's always nice to be in the mix, and do anything I can do to help to win.  

Q: When the Chargers have such a talented team around you, how do you have to raise up your game?

A: The guys that we have out there on the field are Pro Bowl level players. You know you have to wait for your chance to get out there and shine and take advantage of every opportunity that you get.
T Marcus McNeill
Q: How was Philip out there in the huddle?

A: Man, he was cool as a cucumber. You very rarely see him squint. He has such confidence in his offense. He had a lot of protection up front and that's what he tells us on that drive. He said 'come on guys, I need you right now' and he believes in us. That's why we go out and block the way we do. We knew we were going to have to go out and block their (rush), and that's what we did.
RB LaDainian Tomlinson

Q: What did Philip say when he came into the huddle on the last drive?

A: He just said, 'Hey, you know we have a chance to win it, so let's get it done and score.' I don't think it wasn't in any of our minds that we weren't going to go down and score. We have been in that situation before and we were all so relaxed. It was like business as usual.

Q: What did you think of the winning play?

A: That's a play we always do in practice. It always works against our defense and I don't think there was any doubt it would work then. Once Philip saw Jackson breaking toward the end zone, it was like slow motion and his face was pleading, 'please catch it!' and he caught it.

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