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Postgame Chargers QB Phillip Rivers

Question:  After the pick were you still confident?

Response:  Yeah, it was just a poor throw on the pick.  There were just two things going through your mind:  1) that's going to be the play that cost us the game, and 2) hold them to a field goal, and obviously it's still just a one-possession deal.  Our defense was unreal getting two stops and holding them to two field goals down there in crucial situations.  And obviously that was the biggest one of the game and getting that stop down there.  We had the two-minute warning and a timeout to go 80 yards.  We work on that two-minute drill every single Wednesday.  We've been working on it since March.  And all the different situations.  That exact situation we've worked many times.  Guys just executed.  The offensive line was awesome.  When you're going against that pass rush and they know you're throwing it every down, that's tough.  And I didn't have anyone near me on eight or nine plays, and then the receivers made big plays down the field.

Q:  Were you surprised that Jackson was that open on the touchdown?

RE: Well, he came open.  When I was throwing it he had him covered pretty decently.  Vincent really separated.  Vincent probably on that play is the last guy that's going to get the ball pre-snap.  But then just the way it's set up, and they're playing two-man, you've got all that field.  Vincent runs a great route and I just wanted to give him a chance.  As I let it go, I saw him separate and I felt like it was in the air forever.

Q:  The Meadowlands is known for bad weather conditions and today you come out and it's great.  What was that like?

RE: We brought the San Diego weather with us today.  It was unreal.  Coaches that have been here in the past (I've only been here once), Norv's been here a bunch and a lot of other coaches saying it, this was the calmest that they've ever seen it.  And it was.  It was as good as conditions as you can get.  But the game was as if it was a cold and windy day early.  Back and forth, 7-7 at half.  I think we had 100 yards in the first half.  Weird.  But we just kept battling.  Defense battled.  Special teams.  It was as much of a complete team win as you can have.  It took all 45 guys dressed to get that one done.

Q:  You talked about the pass rush and they pressured you well the previous two drives.  But it didn't seem like they were rushing as much on the last drive.  Is that accurate?

RE: They mixed it up.  They play coverage and then they bring in a backer or two.  They kind of alternated those whole eight plays.  It was probably five plays of coverage and three plays of pressure.  My guys did a great job.  Osi got back there one time, I think.  Earlier in the game it was the linebackers and dogs singling guys up.  It's tough to hold up when they're doing that.  But our guys fought.  This goes two ways.  If we don't win that game, it goes, 'Chargers can't run the ball.  They can't finish big games.  They can't beat good teams.'  And then all of a sudden it's reversed.  And we played the same game except for eight plays.  I don't get caught up in it either way.  Huge win, but we're one game better and we've got a long way to go.  This is a big emotional win that can keep us ascending towards where we want to go.

Q:  Whether you like it or not, you're always going to be linked with Eli.  Anything more emotional with this thing?

RE: I don't know that that would be a reason why, but this ranks up there.  Indy, on the road, the playoff win a couple years ago, and this one's probably right up there with it.  It is a little special.  That link is going to be there.  Obviously quarterbacks aren't on the field at the same time.  We're not playing each other.  But anytime you're playing a team with a quarterback that's won a Super Bowl and is the caliber of player that he is, it's fun.  You're going against the Peyton Mannings, and when Brett Favre's over there, it is fun,  obviously, knowing the link there with the draft.  It didn't weigh into my thought process going into this game but you knew it was there. 

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