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(on turnovers) "We do the best we can and move forward. The number one thing is ball security as a punt returner. The first thing you have to do is catch the ball. We also have a lot of people who quite frankly don't know what they're doing. They may have some talent and ability, but they're going to have to spend some more time trying to figure out how to do what we're asking them to do."

(on if the problems in the return game are recurring for Jerrel Jernigan) "lt looked like he took his eye off of it. I didn't see it. Give credit to the punter; he punts the ball very, very high, but all you have to do is signal fair catch and concentrate totally on catching the ball. You don't have to go through all that."

(on the end of the game) "As it was, we had the ball near the midfield stripe and had to get to the about the 35 (yard line) to try for a long field goal. I think if Ryan (Perrilloux) had had a little protection, he could have gotten the ball into somebody's hand or even out of bounds. He didn't have time to do anything."

(on if the team got big plays from David Wilson) "Yeah we did. We hoped we would have some other opportunities out there where he really could have helped us to be in position to win the game. That's what we were trying to do quite frankly was get him the ball."

(on whom he thought played well) "I thought Rueben Randall played well and made some good plays for a young guy. Some of the defensive guys were able to flash. They certainly got a lot of snaps. It's too bad it worked out quite the way it did. Our linebackers continue to be a problem for us. A lot of those kids got a lot of plays. They seemed to do okay."

(on the first play of the last drive) "We were in perfect shape because we had the three time outs. We could run the ball. We could do anything we wanted to do, but somehow we have a misunderstanding as to what the play is. A lot of that is he (Perrilloux) just needs more work in that situation. We've had a limited amount of two-minute drill work, but the ones (starters) went twice, the twos were twice and I think the threes had it once. We knew if it came down to it at the end of the game, it would be Ryan and that group who would have to put us in position to win and it didn't happen."

QB DAVID CARR(on his performance) "It's the first preseason game and only a handful of things stand out to me, and these are all things I'd like to clean up. I think that's how it is in a preseason game where you tend to focus on the negative things that happen. Overall, it's pre-snap stuff more than anything – making sure that we all know what's going on. We have a lot of work to do, but it was a good start."

(on the Giants offense) "It's a system that I'm comfortable with and that helps especially since we have a lot of young guys that are learning. For me to go out and do some good things, that way, I can take more of a leadership role. You tend to play better when you've got a lot of young guys around you."


(on fitting into Giants offense)"I have a long, long way to go. I'm getting a little more comfortable doing things. The coaches and all the players here have been great. I'm not scratching the surface on how I could be playing yet. I'm just trying to get better. It's my first time really having a chance to try to make the players."

(on touchdown catch)"It was very exciting. I almost cried after I scored because I've been through a lot the last four years – a lot of ups and downs. I was very unhappy with the situation I was in. Everybody here has embraced me as a player. On the touchdown, David made a good throw and I was able to get both hands on it and bring it in."

RB DAVID WILSON (on pass protection)
"Overall, I definitely had more positives than negatives. I'll watch a lot of film and hopefully show a lot of improvement as I play more games."

*(on carrying the football) *"When there was a crease there, I felt I took advantage of it when I had the ball. Even on some of the good runs, I wish I had the ball back and even done better. It's beginning of training camp. I'll take in everything I learn and try to get better each week."

RB D.J. WARE(on being called the power guy for the back)
"I think so. It's one of those things when you fall into those shoes. If that is what they need then that is what I can do. I was that guy at Georgia."

(on if Bradshaw teasing him on the sidelines) "Yeah that was Ahmad teases me because I can through high stepping. I felt someone behind me trying to trip me up so I threw the legs up to try to the most yards I could. I probably didn't need to, but it's all good."

(on if he got bigger during the summer) "I am up to 275. It's mostly muscle. My weight is up a little but, I feel real good and strong. I am just trying to stay comfortable."

DL ADRIAN TRACEY(on the defensive push in the first half)
"We did a good job in the first half, but we just have to stop them on third down. In the first game back, we can learn a lot about our mistakes."

(on creating three turnovers for touchdowns in first preseason game)"It's very good. Every game you want to create turnovers. To get three to start of (the season) was very good, but we also have a lot of turnovers as a team so we have to work on that. I feel like we have a lot we can learn from this game. "
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