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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin - 10/28


On the game **"Well, we're happy to win, no doubt. It was a struggle from the get go. We certainly did have our opportunities… we did get the turnovers. I think we had six to their two, but we didn't take advantage of them the way we should have. The touchdowns certainly would have made a big difference. I kept calculating in the first half if those field goals were touchdowns. All that momentum changed in the second quarter. That's the game. That's the way it is in this division. Every time we come here it's a nail biter in some way, shape or form. You can't always describe it. I'm sure there's an awful lot we are going to learn from this. We didn't play very good in the secondary, our coverage was loose to say the least and that's going to have to tighten up. We didn't do a very good job of winning with our pass game so I'm sure there aren't many numbers.  But we are happy to win and be on our way home."

On Dez Bryant's catch"It was reported down to me right away that that is what happened, that the hand was out of bounds. It was just a matter of the official having the necessary time to make that call. But I must say it's been a long time since I've seen three plays in 10 seconds. That was an incredible thing that happened there. We thought it was over."

On winning"Well we had good leadership. We come in at the half and talk about being positive and changing the momentum… We're fighters and we've been through a lot of big games. Sometimes it comes out a little bit different than we would like to have it designed, when talking about the way in which the game is played. We're very pleased to leave here 6-2 and 2-2 in the division."

On Antrel Rolle"I think he hit his head hard on the ground, so we'll have to see."

On being 6-2
"We're pleased to be 6-2 . We know we have a huge game next week. I haven't really had time to think about it but 6-2 sounds a whole lot better than 5-3."

On control of the game"That sense was a little bit in the second quarter. We had gotten a couple of big stops in the fourth quarter and that gave me confidence. The interesting thing is we've done the opposite and gone down and scored with 46 seconds. So the punt took the ball to the 30 and they came 70 yards. It's kind of the way this series goes."

On Stevie Brown"Steve came through again. Interception, fumble recover, he's played very solid and we're please with the way he has played."

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