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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

Disappointed we didn't win, obviously. I think we played hard, we gave up some rushing yards, particularly in the second half in the middle there. That's a concern. Bomar went in there and he got hit a number of times, unfortunately – I'm sure he'll be sore tomorrow, but he showed some toughness, he showed some ability in there. He did a good job with maneuvering the offensive plays around. We each had a turnover. In the second half, we didn't get any turnovers and I think that'll be a key factor and not having anything in point blank range and not having anything we can convert in the short field. It was a physical game. We knew it would be. We've had two good opponents, two outstanding physical teams. I was disappointed we didn't win.

Q: What happened on the play with Hakeem Nicks from your perspective?
A: All I saw, all of the sudden, was a big to do out on the field. I didn't see who threw anything. Hakeem mentioned that he was in position and was blocking and all the sudden…once one person started swinging he swung back and the official decided that was not going to happen again. It's a hard lesson. It's easy to be provoked. It's not easy to walk away. Nobody said it was. But at least you get to line up to play when you do that. That was the first play of the game.

Q: Did Bomar's inexperience hamper any of the play tonight?
A: Oh sure, we had to make sure that it was a plan that he could practice and that he could administer during the course of the game. He hasn't had a lot of play time. But I thought he really studied hard and he was diligent and he worked hard in practice. He got all of his snaps, which is a very good thing.

Q: What did you see on the other side of the ball on defense?
A: There were some decent plays made. A turnover was made. I think we did a pretty good job in the first half-I don't know what the breakdown of the numbers is, but definitely we were very much in the game. Just as I said, one of the goals was to run the ball and stop the run. We didn't run it tremendously, but we did have some yardage…But I was disappointed we didn't stop their run with more efficiency.

Q: What could you tell us about the play of Keith Bulluck and Kenny Phillips?
A: Well they played just the six plays. They were in there driving and went down to the goal line. Both of them did a nice job. We got them out right on the sixth play, but they got their feet under them.

Q: What's Brandon Jacobs' health situation and what did you think of Andre Brown?
A: I thought there were times in the game when Andre did a real good job. There were other occasions when it looked like we probably could have had a little bit more. But as the game went on, he did a good job. He got better and better. Same thing with kickoff returns. That second kickoff return was pretty good. Jacobs, I mean this came out of nowhere. He had a stiff neck last night. They sent him to get an MRI and evidently there was no progress today.

Q: What's your evaluation of (Matt) Dodge?
A: There was a little bit more consistency tonight. There was progress tonight. If you're looking for every ball to be kicked the way we want it to be kicked, it didn't happen. But there was some progress.

Q: The MRI of Jacobs, is there worry it's more than something that he slept wrong on it?
A: No. I think the originally word that I got was he hurt himself doing shrugs in the weight room.

Q: And the MRI didn't show anything worrisome?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: You said you wanted to stop their run better, but what about Osi Umenyiora?
A: Nice job. He did a good job.

Q: And the Antrel Rolle play? Were you happy to see that?
A: Yes. Make tackles go backwards. Osi made a couple of plays. Tuck made a heck of a play that set them back, got a big negative yardage play. We had some good negative yardage plays.

Q: Do you see anything from your young linebackers? Adrian Tracy…
A: Tracy I thought toward the end of the game started to play a little bit better…He seemed to smooth out, play better.

Q: Anything new with Eli after his visit to the doctor yesterday?
A: He's done well. The healing process is well under way. I wasn't kidding. He does heal fast.

Q: Do you expect him on the field this week?
A: I do.

Q: The stitches are going to be taken out?
A: The stitches were taken out.

Q: How did Bradshaw look to you though?
A: He played pretty good when he was in. Made a couple nice runs.

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