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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

Disappointing loss. We worked hard, we prepared hard. I told the players, every guy wanted to do well. It didn't work out that way for some. I was disappointed at the number of balls that were out on the ground. That is not what we preach and there we go. I think we were minus-three in turnovers and they capitalized. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I know they capitalized on at least one with the long touchdown on the fumble. We got the one turnover; it wasn't enough. We were in position. We were in position. The game, we had the one point lead there, had the ball a couple times and didn't do anything with it. They did. They came back. Then as we drove and scored again the clock became a factor there and we missed the onside opportunity. We did, rather than the last time we played, we did a decent job against the run. I think we did rush the ball, I don't have any numbers in front of me, but I think we rushed the ball alright. The yards don't mean a lot when you don't win. We still have a lot to play for and that is the way it is going to be. Obviously each game is extremely important and we've got to get ourselves ready to go to Washington next Monday night.

Q. After you took the one point lead, what was your view on the long DeSean Jackson touchdown?

A. Should have covered him. Basically you have a two-man pattern. They blocked it up well. They protected, you know which, they maximum protected. I think it was a two receiver route. Threw the ball way down the field similar to the one they did to us over there before the half. Very, very disturbing.

Q. Did you talk to the team about the Dallas loss before taking the field?

A. We didn't talk about that but we had talked the night before that there was a very real possibility that might take place. We didn't complete our end. It was our opportunity and we didn't finish the deal.

Q. What happened on that fumble/incomplete pass with the dead whistle at the end of the half?

A. I took a timeout so they would review it, obviously, and they didn't review. I got some misinformation but I don't know why they didn't review it. Maybe they did review it and didn't think it was. I have no way of knowing. They didn't put the referee under the hood.

Q. They said it was an incomplete pass?

A. They said it was a, no, they called it a fumble. You are talking about the Eli play?

Q. The play right before the half where Boley almost picked it off?

A. Oh yeah. They did not review that. That's what I'm talking about. They didn't review that and evidently they thought it was a pass.

Q. They spotted it ten yards back at the spot?

A. You will have to ask them. By that time I had lost my argument. That is why I took the timeout to try and get that clarified.

Q. Moving forward do you have any level of confidence in your pass defense?

A. That's not a great question. I think it is more than just that. They did a good job again tonight. I didn't think there was much pressure on the quarterback. We did not cover very well and we didn't cover for very long. We keep trying to maneuver people in and out of different spots to try and come up with a better answer. We will just have to keep doing it. Of course, (Corey) Webster was out of the game there at the end of the game, too, and that didn't help.

Q. After they got the lead back, 37-31, there was a draw called on third and five. Was that play call made from the sideline or was that an audible?

A. No, that was from the bench.

Q. That was from the bench?

A. Yes.

Q. What did you think you could get there?

A. I thought we could make a run.

Q. What were they showing that led you to believe that?

A. We had done some pretty good things with draws.

Q. You are having trouble covering. What do you do to fix that?

A. You just keep working at it. Take a look at personnel. We will do the evaluation. We will do everything that we can. I still say it is a combination of things.  

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