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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

We are all very, very upset, very disappointed obviously in the loss. Played hard, did a lot of good things but obviously we didn't do enough. Many, many times when the game should have been over. Starting with the first field goal, that should have been three points. Then we wouldn't have been in the bind we were in at the end. But it didn't turn out that way, so we've got to keep working, keep trying to improve. We pried our way out of some things. We thought that we would have to start fast and we would have to be playing our best football in the fourth quarter. We were very close to that obviously. The opportunity, and I just spoke to Terrell with his interception, we should have had the game at that point. It wasn't to be. Our kickoffs, we were able to kind of neutralize their field position with their outstanding return game, and I thought we did a nice job of that. We made a nice play there on the last field goal. We just came up short.
Q. After Terrell Thomas's interception there were no plays that took a shot at the end zone. Was that by design?

A. It wasn't that. It was the idea that we had the penalty, so we were behind the eight ball and we took our loss and they stuck back and defended the goal line. We didn't want to turn the ball over, obviously. We didn't want to be in a position like that. You can second-guess it all you want. Field goal at that point in time forced them to have a touchdown and score a touchdown. There was plenty of time, over two minutes. But, we just had a couple of really good series defensively. We forced them into bad situations and we had a lot of momentum with our touchdown. We felt good about the situation we were in. We let them off the hook.
Q. On that last play when San Diego scored it looked like Corey Webster had underneath coverage, should there have been help over the top?

A. I don't know exactly what the coverage was. I know that he was in the position you were talking about. He was behind and underneath the receiver.
Q. What happened on that first field goal?

A. I don't really have the full explanation, but what it looked like was as he caught the ball and struggled to get it down, the kicker was in his routine. The holder had both hands on the ball, so when he started to swing through the ball, but the ball was being held with two hands. I have to get more of an explanation on it. That's what it looked like from the side.
Q. Given the fact that there was so much emphasis on this game and you called it a 'one game season' what does this do emotionally to the team?

A. Don't, don't start. I am just going to tell you this: every one of you didn't listen to what I said. The thing was the week before the bye, why wouldn't we call it a one-game season? That is the only thing I said and that is the only reference I made. I just told the team we have seven games to go, we're 5-4, obviously we have to come back. If we play with the kind of energy we did tonight, and we upgrade our skill level and we eliminate the penalties, we got our turnovers under control tonight, then I think we can come back and be a good football team in the second half of the season.
Q. The defense had two really good stands in a row. Did they play back a little bit on that last drive?

A. Yeah, I don't believe there was as many pressures called. We had been getting good pressure with the four-man rush, as well. The exact ratio on the last drive, I can't tell you exactly what it was, but you are probably right. Maybe there weren't as many pressures.
Q. When you got the ball on the last drive you still had two timeouts. You took a shot down the field, did you think about going for something shorter?

A. We had a couple of options. We had an inside breaking route and we had an outside breaking route. Obviously where the ball was knocked down was very close to midfield. There was only 21 seconds left when we got the ball. We had the timeouts, we had prepared to if we caught the ball in the field of play to call a timeout. We still would have needed probably another twenty yards to put us in field goal range. We would have gone to the sideline, a ball thrown in the flat wasn't going to accomplish a whole lot there. I think at the end of the game we just called for the deep throw and hoping we would get some type of penalty and got caught from behind.
Q. Losing four games in a row is tough. Given those circumstances, is tonight's loss even more tough?

A. This loss tonight, no matter what the circumstance was, no matter if you were sitting there undefeated, this would have been a very hard loss. The players have done an outstanding job with class and distinction of controlling themselves. It is very difficult. It is very difficult for me emotionally to come in there after that loss because there was so much, we were in such great position to win it and then to lose like that, it seems like, to be honest with you, right now that a lot of these things are, that we need to get some of these things going our way.
Q. How much did the penalty on Chris Snee hurt you guys?

A. Oh, it definitely hurts. It was first and goal from the four.

Q. What did you see from Michael Boley and Chris Canty today?

A. They played hard. I don't know, I don't recall anything more than that they contributed, played hard. Obviously, (Darren) Sproles beat us down the middle of field at the end there. We knew the ball was going to go to him. There wasn't any question that it wasn't.
Q. How hard is it emotionally losing four in a row and now having the bye and being off for two weeks?

A. It would probably be better if we played next week, to be honest with you. But, we will have to deal with this. That is kind of the way it is. We played thirteen straight games and it is a good time to have a bye. It's a nice spot for it. We would have certainly enjoyed it a whole lot more had it been a win. 

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