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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

*Q: On the Game:

* "I knew that this would be a difficult game from looking at their opener here a couple of weeks ago. They did a nice job and had a lot of statistics against Oakland but didn't win the game. You can see how they are developing and getting better. We are pleased we came in here to win and we did win. We are 4-0. We had some penalties today and some opportunities we didn't take advantage of. We had some big plays too; WR Steve Smith had a bunch of catches, Eli did a nice job and we rushed for a lot of yards. There are some things that we can obviously improve on and the players will be pleased to be going home next week, I am sure."

Q: On the injury to QB Eli Manning:

"His foot is just hurt. I saw it when he stepped forward to throw. We are just going to have to wait and see what they are going to do there."

Q: Could Manning have stayed in the game and did you run any tests on it?

"No, not at that point. He didn't leave the bench so I am sure whatever is going to be done is going to be from here on out."

Q: What was going through your mind as you saw him get injured?

"Was he hurt? Did something take place out there that I didn't see? I don't really think there was any contact, he was just driving into the throw and all of a sudden he kind of showed that he had a little issue."

Q: Are you overly concerned about Eli?

"I think he is going to be sore. I really don't know a whole lot more than that. He finds a way, no matter what, but I really don't have any more information for you. When I asked him about it, he had some discomfort."

Q: On WR Steve Smith:

"He has caught the ball well and, in difficult situations, he has come up with the ball too. He certainly had some really big plays today as well. I was happy for WR Hakeem (Nicks) to come back and make a play after being out for awhile and make the run down the sideline, which was well done. We have a lot we can applaud our guys for, including the way they did certain things. We also have a bunch of stuff we can work on and correct as well."

Q: Is this what you had envisioned when you brought LB Michael Boley on?

"Yes, the speed, the pressure, the coverage ability and the blitz ability. We talked about, last weekend, doing a better job with our pressure and the fact that we were close. I don't know how many [sacks and pressures we had] but we got to the quarterback today which is a huge part of our game. That is how we play."

Q: Are you proud of your team for their 3-0 road winning streak?

"Yeah. One hundred and six teams since 1990 have had three straight road games, and only seven times have those teams won all three so we would be the eighth team."

*Q: Are you proud of the fact that you have coached two of those teams now?

* "I am glad you reminded me of that and, yes, I am proud of that. I am proud of the players and coaches."

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