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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

"The Saints played very well. They deserved to win. They executed extremely well on both sides of the ball. I didn't think we made enough plays. Early in the game there were some plays that I thought were well designed. We had people in the middle of the field. It looked like we had people open and we just didn't get it done. They were making those plays. We were not making those plays. Obviously, we could not stop them. We couldn't get them out. There are no excuses. We played poorly. We have to regroup.

"I was pleased with the return game. Domenik (Hixon) is back healthy and did a nice job on the kickoff returns, a nice job on punt returns. I'm concerned about some of the penalties that (occurred) on special teams. We gave them two good field positions in the first half after penalties with our kickoff coverage team. They amassed a lot of yards and we didn't. We weren't able to keep the ball.

"I expected more out of us in the second half. We expected with a kickoff return that we would be able to take the ball and move it, and it didn't materialize for us.

"We have every aspect of our game to look at to evaluate and analyze to see what some of the problems were and make some corrections and try to get people in better position to make plays. I thought we were in position with the ball in the air today and we never made a play. It's something that is of concern."

On not making any big catches on deep passes:

"We had two people in spots a couple of times on the deep ball and didn't make a play. They would go up and get the ball and we're standing on the ground. I don't think there was a lot of confusion. Some of the stuff, quite frankly, there were some easy play action crossing patterns that nobody was around. Give credit to them (the Saints). They played extremely well and we didn't. We've got to locate the ball and get up as if the ball is ours. They're going up and catching the ball."

On his concern with allowing too many long passing plays against the Saints: *

  • "I'm more concerned about the deep ball, the big play aspect of it. Who is at fault? Who were the problems? I have to look at the tape. From a mismatch standpoint, I don't know if I would categorize it that way. In their mind, they were obviously trying to go after some people."

On if the Saints are difficult to defend: "I think they are difficult to defend. Look at what they did at Philadelphia and scored 48. They are a good football team. Their quarterback plays extremely well. Your hat has to go off to that player."

On not pressuring Drew Brees today: *

  • "Some of their play action, they didn't match it up. They had two receivers on one side, and they were effective even with that. From my standpoint, there wasn't much pressure. I don't know if we ever hit him. If you're going to be able to defend the pass, let's face it, at this level in this game, you've got to force the quarterback not to throw it on his time." On Kareem McKenzie's injury: *

*"I don't know much about it. I haven't had any information yet. It appeared to be in the groin area. I have to wait until I get the information."

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