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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

Bizzarre end to a football game, no doubt. Five to one in turnovers is a good thing. We rushed the ball okay, not great. We didn't have much offense throughout the game after the first offensive line went out of the game. Defense, we battled, scrapped and put ourselves in real good position. There was plenty of punting going on tonight. At the end when needed to do something, they were able to force a couple of missed tackles and get the ball in the end zone and then score a two-point play. Somehow we take the ball up, grab it, and Tommie Hill runs in the end zone and we win the game. It is a preseason game and everybody got to play. I don't know the status of anybody that is injured tonight, we will have to see tomorrow morning probably. Two physical football teams that run the ball and first preseason game, I am happy for the players that we won, but I told them we have miles to go.

Q. Overall, you said you ran okay, but were you happy with the way you ran with the first team in there with Jacobs and Bradshaw?

A. We did alright, yeah, we did alright. There wasn't a lot of plays.

Q. Coach, can you talk about the pass catching ability of the running backs out of the backfield? It seemed like there was a lot more play action?

A. Well, we have always had that. If it ended up that the progression brought it down to the back, then that's what happened tonight. We have people that can catch the ball.

Q. It looked like (Ahmad) Bradshaw really ran with power tonight..?

A. He did. He ran with power, he ran with speed, and he was able to make some people miss. Danny Ware did the same thing, really. Brandon had a couple of powerful runs, as well. That was good to see.

Q. Coach, I noticed Keenan McCardell on the sidelines working with the receivers. What are you looking for him to bring working with those young receivers?

A. Well, we have two young receivers that we drafted high and the expectations are high. Keenan was a great player for us in Jacksonville. He has all the values you are looking for in a football player. Toughness, he would never miss anything, played hurt. Very smart, knows about mannerisms and how people should act and conduct themselves. We thought it would be good to have an experienced veteran player of his quality to be there to help instruct these young guys as they try to understand what is necessary at this level.

Q. Coach, can you talk about getting Osi (Umenyiora) back?

A. No question, no question, getting him on the field, getting a big play out of him as he comes around the edge. You have got to get Fred (Robbins) back. Rocky Bernard. Get all of these guys working and practicing together. Move forward from here. As you know, we have a tough week with not much time to improve. It is going to have to happen fast.

Q. Coach, can you assess the play of your wide receivers? Did anyone stand out?

A. No, I don't think so, not tonight. We have got to do some things to answer that question for ourselves. That will be something that will be an objective going forward.

Q. Why did you hold back both starting guards?

A. Because they both were- the medical people wanted to hold them out and hopefully get them to the point where they can go without any reservation. That is why they were both held out.

Q. Coach, what about the pass defense? It seemed like you had good pressure on the QB?

A. Yeah we had good pressure on the quarterback. The quarterbacks had to throw the football. They were at the right spot, at the right time on a number of occasions. And, as you said, we had a couple of other ones, too. But, we worked hard on that, I hope that can continue. That is a nice ratio, five to one.

Q. Was it great to see that first return by (Mario) Manningham?

A. Yeah, it was nice to see him outside and create some field position for us. I thought Sinorice (Moss) made some courageous catches. He didn't have a lot of yardage, but he probably saved us twenty yards on one punt return where he came up hard and fast and caught the ball, didn't let it bounce.

Q. What did you see on the blocked punt that they had?

A. Ten guys on the field. That's what I saw.

Q. Bill Sheridan was telling people in the spring that he was going to be up in the box. He was down on the field today. Is that what he is going to do?

A. Yes, I don't know where the first statement came from, but I know where the second one did.

Q. Where?

A. Me.

Q. Coach, walking off the field tonight, what is the best thing that you can feel about this team right now?

A. I think we played hard, we played everybody. We won. I don't believe we got anybody nicked to the point where they won't be able to work. I think that is what preseason is really for. There are a certain number of snaps and everybody gets to play. There is no hiding when you put somebody on the field under the circumstances of a game. As the situations come up, they have to react to them. It is a great way to develop the players and put them in situations where they have to produce.

Q. Why do you want the coordinator down on the field?

A. I just think it is better for communication purposes to be down.

Q. Clint Sintim looked like he had a couple of nice plays?

A. Yeah, he did. He looked like he got some pressure on the quarterback.

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