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Postgame Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening Statement

"We got beat. We have no excuses. There isn't one phase I thought played well. I didn't think we were very physical at all. We came in with some solid physical objectives, things we knew from the first week we would have to improve on. We really didn't accomplish any of those. Chicago, to their credit, played very well. They were very physical and focused. We just didn't play well at all."

On whether he had an inkling of the Giants' flat performance

"I don't like that word, 'flat'. These are professional athletes. I question their focus."

On having four days of rest between games

"That is no excuse. No excuse at all."

On how the Giants will get back on track

"One aspect will be getting back to the practice field. People need to recognize that this will be the third preseason game, and we just played very poorly – quite frankly, we got embarrassed. The season is close to being upon us – we have only two more days of training camp. We certainly should get full attention now. Hopefully we'll start to work better and play better."

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