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Postgame: Coughlin, Manning, Jacobs



Opening Statement
"We played hard. We fought. We did a lot of good things. We didn't do enough. The last drive would have been sensational to put that ball in the end zone. I think we would have run the time right down to nothing. There probably wouldn't have been much (time) left. We obviously put four quarters together. We didn't win the game, so there's no solace in doing reasonably well, but losing. I do think that one of the goals we had was to try to play four-solid quarters of championship-quality football. We played hard. We played four solid quarters, and to lose the game under the circumstances that we did with a nice drive going, it was very disappointing. The locker room is very disappointed. The guys are frustrated, very frustrated, naturally. But they will stay together and support one another, fight for each other, and we'll prepare ourselves to try to win the next game."

On if it was a misfire on the last interception
"I haven't talked to anybody about it. It did touch his hands. It was a high ball, but it did touch his hands."

On if there was miscommunication between Eli Manning and his receivers on the first two interceptions
"On one, for sure, one read it one way and one read it the other. I don't think that happened though on the other throw. People were put in different spots and as the throw went, one of the defenders was right where the spot was."

On if he thought Manning would be able to complete the long drive at the end of the game since he's done it before
"Absolutely. I'm fully confident. It's the same thing that we said in Dallas. It was 30-24. We had the ball in the middle of the field. I'm very, very confident that we're going to go score and win the game. And I will continue to be."

On if he felt like he got more than he expected out of Brandon Jacobs
"Well, we got a good football game out of him. He ran hard and obviously he's a very difficult guy to contend with. He pushed the pile into the end zone a couple times tonight. He played well."

On what do you do when a seasoned quarterback has consistent trouble
"You continue to support him, to point out the issues, to try to understand how it happened, so it doesn't happen again. You coach him, just like you coach anybody who's had some issues. He's trying as hard as he can to stay away from interceptions as well, but you're not going to go back to not throwing the football. That's not something that's going to happen. He's been too successful for so many years throwing the ball. Not that we want to throw it for a receding number, of course not. That's the one thing we tried to do tonight was have some balance and some run game, thinking we probably could get some play action and offer that. We had some runs, but we still had some issues. We have to continue to work with the receivers, the quarterbacks, the protection and all those things to try to eliminate that."

On if he's planning to use the break in the schedule to make some changes
"What changes do we want to make? I don't see it. I'll look at everything and evaluate everything."

On what are the challenges he faces as a coach that's 0-6
"You have to go back to work. You have to bust your tail. You have to put everything you can into preparation, and try to go win a game just like you'd do under any other normal circumstance. It gets a little tougher obviously the first day of the week when the players are down and low, but this group comes back up. We're all sick of it. We're all sick of the losing but we put ourselves in this position and there's only one way to get out of it. No one is going to hand you anything. So we keep striving to improve in the areas we need to improve and to come up with ways in which we can be better, and put ourselves in position to win. I thought we put ourselves in that position, but it didn't happen. But we were there."

QB ELI MANNING On what happened in his final interception**
"I obviously threw the ball a little too high. I had a guy open, and felt that the ball came out how I wanted it to. I just obviously threw it a little too high. It's unfortunate – I thought we were going to make a drive and win the game, and you know, I made a mistake."

On his level of frustration
"It's frustrating not winning. And it's frustrating because I don't feel like I'm doing my part to get this team some wins and some chances. That's the frustrating part. I feel like our guys are fighting hard. Guys are doing their parts, and I need to start doing mine."

On whether he felt that the offense was starting to click after his first two interceptions and his TD drive
"Yes. We were doing some good things. We got off to a terrible start, but we fought back and went down and scored a touchdown after the interception for a touchdown. We evened the game up, and in the second quarter, we had another drive. Then when we got down 13 points, we responded well and we got the game within 6 points. Obviously there were some good things. We kind of made some things happen, scrambling around a little bit, buying time, getting guys open and guys made plays. Again, I felt confident we could go down there, have a good drive, and go win that game."

On whether there were linebackers he was trying to get around on his last interception
"No, it was zone, so you don't want the linebacker to make a play. You don't want to float it too much because the corner is going to try to midline it and he is going to come over the top and try to make a play if you throw it too high. So you try to throw it high, but put something on it.  Obviously, I threw it too high."

On feeling like he isn't doing his part
"It's difficult. I feel bad for my teammates. I feel bad for my coaches. Everybody is fighting every day, and I'm fighting too. I'm trying to get a win for these guys, but you know, it's tough. It's definitely tough at times when you don't feel like you're playing your best."

On his history of completing long drives at the end of games, and not completing it this time
"We've been very good in the fourth quarter over the years, and we've been able to respond. We have played these types of games, where you get down a little bit, but you fight back. You get to the fourth quarter, you make those drives, and you win the game. Again, I thought guys did their jobs. We got down there and made plays, had some third-down conversions and did some good things. We saw the coverage, and everybody did the right thing. Ob viously, you throw a ball six inches too high, and that's the difference between possibly winning the game and a loss." 

On whether his teammates have said anything to him regarding his performance
"No. They've been supportive. I think they know, and hope, I'm going to bounce out of it, or that I'm going to make the plays and do the things I need to do. I told them that I'm going to get better these past few weeks, and I'm going to start making the plays that I need to make. Obviously I need to start doing that."



On how he feels after 22 carries
"My body feels good, but my pride is obviously hurt just like every other man in this locker room. We just keep battling and keep fighting together. It's about all we can do, stick with the coaches, the coaches stick with us and we'll just keep coming."

On if he was one play here or there from getting over the top
"That's what it comes down to. It's one play at a time. We had a lot of opportunities. Sometimes there are missed opportunities that we don't get. We've just got to keep playing. We just have to go out and try to overcome adversity. There's a lot of adversity that has been placed in our path. All we can do now is stay together and don't point the finger at someone else. We just need to keep working, keep encouraging one another and try and get a win."

On if he felt he did more than he expected in his first start in two years
"No, I just did what was asked of me to do. I did what they brought me here to do; go out and play running back for the New York Giants. I felt good out there. Still, without a win, it doesn't mean anything. I told the guys before the game started, I'm going to give them everything I got on every snap. I did miss some opportunities, because it's football. We're human and we have opportunities we let pass by. I'm just going to keep working and keep getting better."

On his advice for Eli Manning during this stretch
"Just stick with it. Eli is a great quarterback. We all know that. We all know what he's capable of doing. He's a tremendous leader and I love following his lead on the football field. There's not another quarterback in the National Football League that I believe in more than Eli. We've got a lot of things going on now as a team and that's the problem. We had a lot of missed opportunities that we could've had. We should have beat these guys tonight. There's no question in my mind, but we didn't. The scoreboard doesn't say so. We had a lot of opportunities to win it."



On how he prevents guys from pointing fingers at each other
"We don't point fingers. That's not something we've ever done, that's not something we're ever going to do no matter what our record is. We're a team. We're going to stay a team through thick and thin. Just continue to have confidence and just play ball. Just play ball. That's it. We just have to go out there and play ball. We can't always let the games come down to a shootout. We have to take control."

On how the team will come back after the upcoming time off
"I don't know. Hopefully, we'll take this time off and everyone looks themselves in the mirror; coaches, players, everyone, look themselves in the mirror and see how we can help better this team. Right now, we're headed in the wrong direction. We're headed in the wrong direction. We're 0-6 and we've got to fix it. We've got to fix it. We're better than this. We know we're better than this. We just have to go out there and believe that we're better and go out there and play with confidence. That confidence is everything. That confidence controls all, especially when we're playing this game."


On if it's tough to keep the fight up during the losing streak
"Anytime you lose, it's going to be hard to keep fighting. I'm pretty sure the guys have the mentality to come out and get the job done no matter what. I'm going to come in tomorrow, watch the film and see what I did wrong, see where I can correct my mistakes at. I'm pretty sure the other guys are going to be there too. Then I'm going to get away from football for a little bit and come back and start over fresh. We've got 10 games left. My mentality is that we can win those last 10 games if we come out there like a team."



On the emotions following the game
"Frustrated, disappointed, encouraged; that pretty much sums it up."

On why he's encouraged by this game
"We played as close to four quarters as we've played all year. We had a chance, a viable chance to win this football game in the last three minutes. We didn't get it done, but our guys understand we're getting closer to a complete game."

On if it's fair for Eli Manning to shoulder the blame for the loss
"Absolutely not. That just tells you what kind of stand-up guy he is and what kind of leader he is. He's in a rut right now and so is this team. I think all of us have to look at ourselves and look at our performance and figure out ways we can do more and do better because we have a lot more in us than we've shown. We played decent tonight, but there's no reason we couldn't have played a whole lot better."

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