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Postgame: Coughlin, Manning & Thomas


Coach Tom Coughlin**

What happened tonight was we fought like heck throughout the entire game on defense and on special teams. We really didn't have anything to help us on the offensive side of the ball. The one thing that's very disappointing to me is where we are offensively and the fact that we, in all three areas, were obviously not all doing what we need to do in order to give ourselves a chance to win. That's my main concern. But we played hard. We had five turnovers, we had one ourselves. Some of the things you see out there are just ridiculous. Bad snap at the end of the game when we're putting ourselves in field goal position to win. I can't explain it either. The young man's trying, he had a bunch of good snaps and all of a sudden he had a bad one. But there were many opportunities before that. We did have a long run at the beginning of the game. There was no consistency whatsoever. We've got work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Whatever is going on, we've got to solve it and we've got to solve it fast. We don't have much time. We've only got a couple practice days this week and then another game. But I did compliment them on the way they fought and the way they battled. Even on the last play there, the big play, we had a chance to sack the QB. The one thing that does frustrate the heck out of me is when we're in position, we hit the QB and we don't get him down. That happened three times tonight. We had a nice safety, we brought ourselves in the lead, we came back with a 50-yard field goal to make sure they couldn't beat us by a field goal. So we did a lot of things of that nature. Unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Q: Do the offensive struggles make you change what you normally do in the fourth game of the preseason in terms of playing time for the regulars?
A: I don't know. I'll think about it. Probably not, to be honest with you. I want to know what can be accomplished by it, but we'll see.

Q: How's Stevie Brown?
A: It's a knee, but I don't know. I have no more information for you. I feel bad for Stevie Brown. He's been a tremendous addition to our team. The guy has another interception and then has that happen. I don't really understand how it happened. I couldn't see it, but evidently he just got his foot planted the wrong way. I don't think it was a contact injury.

Q: Given the injuries on the offensive line, what's your early assessment?
A: Well, obviously we had problems tonight. They were a good defense and we all acknowledge that. But I didn't think it was any reason for us to flounder around like we did. We'll look at the tape. These guys have got to play. That's where we are.

Q: How did Terrell Thomas come through tonight?
A: He got over 20-plus plays and we got him out. But hopefully it'll build his confidence.

Q: Was it just communication up front?
A: No. Communication was probably okay we just didn't block. We didn't get it done from a physical standpoint either. I'm sure there were some issues with last second communication, but I wouldn't blame it on that. That's not the…excuse.

Q: Where do you think the main problem was on the third down?
A: We haven't done very well on third down the whole fall. It's probably a continuation of the same issues.

Q: What did you see from Hakeem Nicks this game? It looked like there were a couple times when he and Eli weren't on the same page.
A: I don't know. We had a chance with them. I chose to go for it, which means I'm putting confidence in them. It's third and goal from the two-yard line. We run for nothing and then we throw a fade ball, which normally we're pretty good at. We catch the ball and we get the ball knocked out of our hands. We've got work to do. That's all I can tell you.

Q: What happened with that string of penalties at the beginning of the game?
A: Defensively there was no need. We jump off twice in a row, I don't know about the pass interference call. The ball was thrown over the receiver's head when they were up in the air. Supposedly playing the ball, it wasn't a judgment call, but they ruled that it wasn't a play on the ball. But four in a row to start a drive off, just go ahead and move the ball down the field. It's not good football. They're out there on the field and they do have to control themselves in that environment. This is our third preseason game. That's probably something that we're not going to be really happy about when we look at the tape, but there are things that we are defensively.

Q: Do you know anything more about Jayron Hosley's sprained ankle?
A: No.**

QB Eli Manning** Q: What do you make of the struggles in the red zone?
A: You've just got to execute. We had an opportunity to throw a fade to Hakeem one on one and we've got to hit those and make them work.

Q: Do you miss Henry Hynoski in the red zone?
A: It's tough to say. We weren't in a whole lot of personnel where he would be in. We had the goal line play, but Bear does a good job. We've just got to get better at execution.Q: What are the challenges for you in a week where you're shuffling the offensive line around
A: They were prepared and they were ready. Those guys, I thought, did a good job versus a complex defense that shows a lot of looks. They're always going to have something you don't prepare for and you've got to make some calls on the run and have everybody on the same page, so I thought they did a good job of making adjustments and did a good job of protection.

Q: Knowing that starters don't play in week 4 of the preseason, are you satisfied with where you are at this point?
A: No. We're not satisfied. We've got to get better. We have a week of practice and we'll play as much as coach wants us to this next week to try to go out there and be sharper on offense and make sure we're doing the right things.Q: Are you worried you don't have enough time to correct things?
A: No. I know we can correct things and we have guys who want to do it correctly and sometimes you have games where it's just tough and you're going against a good defense. They make a lot of offenses earn every point that you get and the first group, we didn't turn the ball over. We didn't make tons of mistakes. It's just a matter of executing and doing a little better on third down.Q: Do you think you had a chance on the fade to Hakeem or was it just played well?
A: I probably could have thrown it a little bit further out there and gave him a chance. The guy got his hands on it and knocked it away. I think it was a combination. It could have been a little bit better ball and the guy made a good play also.

WR Hakeem NicksQ: You didn't have much of a chance on that fade, right?  It seemed like you were covered pretty well.
A: I think that was just a play we run it 10 times, I come down with it nine out of 10 times.  I'm confident.  Eli's confident.  We just didn't hit on that one.  The DB made a good play. When I tried to bring it down he knocked it out.  I probably should have turned away from him, but that's just something I need to get done, Eli put it where it was supposed to be. 

Q: You've been on teams here before that have not done much in the preseason and then come out the first game and you've exploded, the team has exploded.  Do you anticipate that, or you don't know?
A: I'm definitely expecting that.  I think once the season starts and like I said, we're going with our full game plan, know we're going to focus on playing a whole game and when we have to get it done, I think we're going to be fine. 

Q: Did you ever play in an overtime preseason game?
A: I don't think so.  Nah. 

Q: Did you know there was overtime in preseason?
A: Yeah, I mean I knew there was overtime.  It was just like a regular game, you know it's just preseason.  But I knew there was going to be overtime once the time ran out.

Q: On the deep incompletion in the end zone, it looked you were inside and you kind of had to turn around and go to the other side.
A: It was just, I need to go back on film to watch it, but it was a play where I didn't want to fade away because Jernigan had the option of running through as well, so I didn't know if it was up to him.  It was just a matter of being on the same page. 


Tackle Justin PughQ: Did you feel comfortable out there with the first unit today?**
A: Yeah, yeah. I felt comfortable. I mean, it's just playing football. It was as much fun that I had playing football in a while. Just getting out there and being able to play and compete, and just get better every time. I'm looking forward to looking at this film, get better from it, and get better each week.

Q: You had a little bit of a roller coaster this preseason, with the injuries and things like that. Is it cool that things are settling down a little bit for you?
A: Yeah, I'm able to get out there and play, and that's the biggest thing. You stay healthy. In this league, that's very, very important. Just maintain that health, take care of your body, and come back from that injury being able to play.

Q: What can you take from today? Positives and negatives from seeing all of that time?
A: Well, I guess I kind of got spoiled on that first drive. We had an 84-yard touchdown run on your first drive out there, so it wasn't too bad. Just look at the film, see things you did well, what you did bad, learn from your mistakes, and you improve. If you don't get anything out of it, you can't get better. So, I definitely want to see this film and improve and get better.

Q: Without seeing the film, what do you know you have to work on?
A: Getting every look possible down when something happens. If it's a look that you haven't seen before, you want to be able to execute and block the right guy, block it up. You keep working everything. From your set, to your hands, to where most of your body weight is at. Those are just a couple of things that you need to do.

DT Marvin AustinQ: Are you surprised Mark Sanchez was in the game?
A: I mean, it doesn't matter. He's their starter so I was a little surprised. But I just looked at it like I had to go out there and get him. I have to go out there and perform, and show them I can play in this league and what better way to do it than against the Jets QB.

Q: That wasn't the first time you got him, right?
A: I sacked him, but that was the time I really hit him. On the sack I didn't really get to hit him.

Q: You threw him down a little bit.
A: A little bit but it wasn't too…

Q: Did you know he was hurt right away?
A: No, I didn't know. I was hurt when I hit him. I felt it in my chest. I played it off and tried to run off, but it was a pretty hard hit. Hopefully he's healthy. I don't wish anybody to be hurt. But it was a hard hit.

Q: Hankins was there too right?
A: Yea, Hankins was there. Race to the QB. You know how it is.

Q: And I think that was a clean shot.
A: I hope so. If it wasn't, it's going to cost me a lot of money.

Q: But you had a straight on clear shot.
A: Yeah, I was right there and I saw him. I just put my shoulder into him.

Q: Do you feel like you made a statement for yourself tonight?
A: I feel like I went out there and tried to play the best football I could play and just leave it out there on the field. I have to be more productive. I know that to be a part of this team, I have to be more productive. I just want to go out there and have fun, make plays. The guys on the sideline were right there behind my back the whole time. The support from them wanting me to do good means a lot to me.

CB Terrell Thomas
Q: It's your first game in two years.  How are you feeling?A: Great, I got out there, was able to make some plays.  Got some stuff I have to work on, but walked out of the game healthy and just want to keep building like I was saying at the start of training camp.  I think I had a good showing and the biggest thing for me is health.Q: You got about two dozen snaps for the course of the night.  Looks like you held up really well.  How do you feel right now?A: I feel great.  It's a long time coming.  I'm blessed to have been in the situation … come back after my third ACL.  To get out there and be able to come back in the way I did, just to be out there with my teammates against a good opponent like the Jets is…I had a lot of fun today.Q: You had said to us during the week that you expected this to be very emotional.  How emotional did it turn out to be?  Did it meet your expectations?A: Not at all.  I wasn't nervous, I was ready to go, like I never left.  I think that's the best thing.  The confidence is getting there.  Everything is coming along nice, right on pace like I wanted.  It was weird, I thought I would cry, but I never did.  I was excited the whole time.  Everyone was happy for me, saluting me, and it just felt good to get back out there with my team. Q: Did you feel like yourself?A: Yeah.  Obviously, I need to work on my timing.  That's one thing we couldn't get a lot of experience on, but I got out there, blitzed, I fell, I covered, I tackled.  I think I had a good showing for my first preseason game after two years so I'm happy with the results. Q: Falling, is something you have to deal with.A: Exactly.  That was one thing I was kind of like, get ready for that because I haven't done that in practice.  I haven't had to tackle somebody.  It was good to get out there and knock that dust off and just to be out there was kind of fun. Q: How many plays do you think you were out there for?A: Twenty plus.Q: That was a good number for you?A: Yeah, I think it was a good number and I got a lot of good work.  I got some man coverage, got the blitz, got some zone coverages, how to react to certain things.  It was really good. Q: … as far as you know?A: Yes, the knee feels great.  I came out healthy.  No problems.  I'll be ready to go Monday for practice so that's the biggest thing for me, my health, just to be able to come back the next day and building.Q: Was that more plays than you expected?A: No, I wanted more, to be honest with you.  It's been a long two years so I was kind of mad that I couldn't get more plays.  Missed a couple of plays here and there … make up, but it is the preseason and it's a time to keep building and learning.  I'm glad I had the opportunity. *Center Jim Cordle*

Q: You said the Jets were going to give you those looks that were going to give you problems. Did you see what you expected?
A: It's tough when I'm covered and the guards are covered and then we've still got to see linebackers and they're twisting. That's hard. We picked up a lot of it, but some of it gave us some trouble and a couple of times it was stuff that I haven't seen. But most of it we had seen. It was just we've got to react a little bit faster.

Q: On the intentional grounding, it looked like they almost had 10 guys on the line of scrimmage.
A: Diamond front. The box was loaded. We had two plays where we just mis-communicated. I wasn't sure which way we were going and the guy came through clean.

Q: It's tough to see fronts like that?
A: Yeah. The problem is there's a couple of different ways we can pick it up. I thought we were going one way and we ended up going the other way. That was the one drive in the second quarter. We'll get it straightened out.

Q: What can you do to smooth out these communication issues so that you're all on the same page?
A: We're not playing the Jets, so that's good. It is tough to play the diamond. Our normal looks, I think we got that pretty good. Just working together more and this week of practice will be big.

Q: Any concern after something like tonight?
A: I don't think this team ever panics. There are so many veterans on it that we expect to win every game. Kicker Josh Brown

Q: Is there a concern about settling for field goals?
A:  Concern can't be on me.  It's not my job to be concerned about the offense or any other decisions that are made.  You know, it's a real… Those things can't be my concern.  I've got to just stay focused on splitting the uprights and being able to help the offense and being able to make those 53 yarders until they get the rhythm.  It's a supporting cast. That's what we are.  We've got to be able to play the ball deep and be able to score from there until the offense gets going.

Q: Was the 53 yarder just a little short?
A: No, not at all.  Just didn't play it down field, aimed more down the middle.  I didn't feel any breeze as far as what's going to blow this way or that way.  I probably should've played it straight. It was a good opportunity to kind of learn how the ball's going to fly from that distance, what you have to do as far as where you're pushing the ball to.  I probably should've just aimed at the right upright and let the ball fall in.  Instead I tried to go down the middle and the ball fell out.  You live and you learn.  You come back and hit the other ones and continue to push forward and continue to be better as we go forward.

Q: Is the wind here that consistent that you can do that?
A: The wind was really nothing.  It's not really much.  It's more learning about my ball flight than anything because I feel if I can survive our practice field, I can survive our stadium.  I'm not worried about that.

Q: You can't complain about the opportunities, right? Sometimes you don't get as many.
A: We've definitely gotten an ample amount of opportunities.  I'm not complaining about any of that.  I just want to be able to do my job all the time.  I want them to feel as if no matter where we are on the field, we're going to make the kicks.  That's a sense of security that I want to deliver.


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