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Postgame Cowboys Player Quotes

Q: What was the most disappointing aspect of this loss to you guys?
A: Well, I don't think there is one particular thing that stands out as far as how frustrating it is. We came in very confident for one, but we just didn't show up to play the way we needed to play, period. We gave up explosive plays defensively, that was the main thing that really got us. We played solidly, especially in the zone, and the other part of that were the big plays. You can't give up explosive plays in this league, but that's one of things we did. It ended up hurting us pretty bad.
Q: How tough will it be to get reloaded for another week?
A: It won't be tough, that's what this league is about. Honestly it hurts like hell right now, and it hurts to even talk about it. But you have to face it, critique the game and be accountable to yourselves and accountable to your teammates. Look in the mirror and figure out what you can do. Honestly it hurts, it hurts really bad. It's going to hurt for the next day or so. At the end of the day, we have four more games and a lot more football to be played. I've said it before, we have bounced back from losses in a very positive way this year. We haven't lost two games in a row this year, so we need to bounce back and be back at home and get a win.

**Q: From an emotional standpoint, how did you feel playing back at home with so much at stake?

A: I take the same approach, but we didn't execute well enough. We have to come back strong and be ready next week. We can't be down, you know.
Q: Did you feel this game was a fight until they scored 17 unanswered points?
A: 100 percent, yes. I felt it was a fight even with 58 seconds left, if we get that onside kick then you never know what can happen. That's like every game, we're going to fight to the end win or lose. We came out on the bad end today, but we'll come back and work. Get ready to come back tomorrow, work on some things, and get ready for next week. That's what we do.

**Q: Talk about your performance today, you found the end zone a couple times:

A: Yeah, and those guys were very aggressive on the run. They did a good job of stopping the run today, I knew they would since we had 250 yards on the run last time. It was aggressive, we had something for it, and they executed well.
Q: Talk about where this team is headed right now:
A: We're 0-1 in December. Our next game is San Diego, another tough test for us at home. But we're good, we are a good football team.

**Q: Explain what happened on that Hixon punt return:

A: That was all good on him. He broke all of our tackles, and we have to wrap him up and make better tackles. It was good by him because all of us were down there and in his face. He shook out of a lot of things, and it was off to the races. He had an entourage with him, and we were just trying to get to him. But we didn't,
and he ran away for the touchdown.
Q: Do you think you guys missed an opportunity to create some distance between you and the rest of the division?
A: Yes, obviously. If we would have won the game, we would be two games up on New York. We can't look at it like that, and we have to take advantage of it and the game is behind us. We have to go to the next game. We are going to go out there, play better and prepare better. Not necessarily prepare better, because we did that. But we have to go out there and stop all the bad habits and things that went wrong. We need to tackle more, especially on special teams, we need to tackle better than that.

**Q: After today's loss, how do you guys lock in for the next game?

A: Locked in? You need to focus because well, it better mean something to you. If it don't mean nothing to you, don't bother coming out to the game on Sunday. That's all there is to it.
Q: Does this result change anything going forward?
A: Nothing at all. Next week we have San Diego, and we're at 8-4 with first place in the division. It's one of those things where the next game is the most important game of the season and it has to mean something to everybody. It looks like we need to have better film study and prepare better. Whatever situation it is going to take, we need to take that precaution and start taking it seriously.

**Q: How do you think this team is affected by this week's loss?

A: It can't be. This team has to knock it down and move forward. We can't allow this to creep up on us. Brady said it best about where it is, and you can't deny that, but we're too talented and good for that. We have to step up now and do something. We're at a critical point and we can't let this thing turn. We did today, and we gave up opportunities and all that and give them credit for that. We had them where we wanted them and we felt they couldn't make the plays in the back end. We just didn't make the plays at the end. The time is now, for everybody, and this urgency has to be there. We can't talk about it, and the record is what it says it is. We can't buy into that, we know that.
Q: How frustrating is it to lose a game where Romo does get out there and play well?
A: It's tough. We felt there were some holes there in the secondary that we could really take advantage of, especially with Johnson being out. It was there, and I thought that Tony did a great job. Our line was protecting very well, and we had a lot of different options. When you're playing a team like that who is fighting, you can't give them a chance there. In the second quarter, I felt we were moving but they made some nice plays, too. I don't want to sound like this one is all on us, but we can't let that one slip like that.

**Q: You haven't given up 100 yards to a receiver since the last time you played the Giants?

A: I didn't know he had 100. They rushed the ball well and threw the ball well.
Q: On that first touchdown, it seemed like you beat the ball almost:
A: Yeah, I tried to undercut it. It was one of those things where I was trying to make a play, and the coaches want you to go make a play. I undercut it, and the ball was delivered outside and high. Just out of my reach. I came down, and me and Orlando kind of bumped each other. So, it could have went this way or could have went that way. I tried to make the play.

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