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Postgame Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Q: You did such a good job of running in the first game but you seemed to take that away; your plan was to throw right away.

A: Well, I think you always want a game where you try to run the football and I don't know what it was. Obviously we would have liked to do a little bit better. We have to give them credit, though. They did a good job of slowing our run game down and forcing a lot of long yardage situations, but it's tough because we had every intention of coming up here and winning this football game and it's disappointing that we didn't.

Q: Can you talk about the coverages you saw on Roy Williams and how you were able to find him open those two times easily?
A: Yeah, I had a pretty good idea what they were in; they gave us a certain look and I took advantage of it. It's about execution and we did some good things today but we need to look to do some things better as a team going forward.

Q: What more do you feel you personally could have done better?
A: Well, you always think you can do better. There's always stuff you look at and you want back. It's the only way for the team to continually improve is for everyone to look at themselves and figure out what they can do extra or better to help this team win next week. That's what it's going to be about.

Q: It seemed like the receivers were making some really difficult catches, like over the shoulder; things that they maybe dropped or missed in the past. Did you see that today, too?
A: I just thought they played good. I don't know if there's any deeper meaning behind it. I just think that they did a good job of understanding what they were in and ran good routes and caught the ball and we needed a few more plays, obviously, to get the job done.

Q: How did not having the running game go effectively affect the game plan and you?
A: It didn't affect us. Games go different ways sometimes. You do different things. A few other plays outside kind of put us behind and you try to make up a little bit as the game goes on. Every possession was very important out there today.

Q: Are you worried that this only continues the "December talk?"
A: We don't care about December talk. The season will be written when it's over with. No matter what happens in December. Obviously the next game is a very important game on our schedule. If it was January, it would still be that important. If it was November, it would still be that important. I know that's part of it until we win in December, but I just think this team needs to win and we need to win this upcoming game.

Q: You hear it when you face the media and even though there might not be any internal discussions of it, how does it affect you during the week and what do you do for it to not affect you?
A: It just doesn't matter. I've built up a turtle shell for positive and negative. You're never as great as they think you are when you play great. You're never as bad as they say you are when you play poor. And I think that goes with the team as well and this team just puts the blinders on and keeps trying to get better and we have stuff to improve upon from this game and we'll get better and we know that we have to go out and win the next game.

Q: To lose twice to the Giants this year must be really hard.
A: It's always hard to lose, but we're in a position that allows us to control our own destiny and we have to take advantage of that and be committed this week to be prepared to the fullest for the Chargers.

Q: The defense usually does a lot to keep you in the game. Were you surprised to see it so up and down today?
A: I don't know, I have to look at the tape and see what happens. There were a lot of things on both sides; a play here and a play there. That's part of football though. If we make a field goal, there's a lot of little stuff like that that can shape games, but that was also a tough place to kick.

Q: The pass to Roy that you missed – did you see the defensive back fall down?
A: No, I let it go thinking the defender was running with him. It's kind of safe, but as soon as it left my hand it was the disappointing factor definitely because it was a walk-in touchdown.

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