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Postgame DE Jason Pierre-Paul - 12/9

Q: So you guys had two big red zone stops in the second quarter. In your mind were they very big in this game?A: Actually, it was big. It could have went a different way. It could have been a touchdown, but we stopped them and that was a good thing. It made a big difference in the game.

*Q: Earlier this week you guys said you hadn't played that signature defensive game, was this that game where you put it all together? *A: Actually, I'd say that's a 'no' still. We had some busted plays. We came out, and we still haven't played our great football yet. We've got a little to improve and that's what we're doing to do. We're going to look at the film this Monday and see what we did wrong and correct ourselves and move onto the next game.

Q: How close are you?A: … They came back. They're a great football team. They came back and they hit us a couple in the middle. They'll run the ball a lot, we've got to stop the run. Our pass rush was great, but we could do better.

*Q: Did you know what the Redskins and Cowboys had done before you took the field? *A: No, we took the field, and we didn't care what they did. We were just going out there to play some great football. We need a win no matter what, so we're just going out there to win a football game.

Q: What do you think of the four turnovers you guys had?A: It was pretty big. Like I said, it changed the game. It could have went differently. They could have scored and we got the turnover and we made a run for it and got a field goal off of the touchdown.

Q: You've done a lot of impressive things on the football field, how impressive is the day that David Wilson had all around?A: He did a great job. Coach is always emphasizing he needs to run the ball and try to get yardage and that's what he did. He put emphasis on it and when you run the ball pretty good, you run the ball, he had an a hundred yarder, whatever. I'm just happy he doesn't do that all week. Tell him to keep going.

Q: It was late in your rookie year when you kind of started to figure it out and emerge …A: I think that's what he's doing now. He's growing and he's learning the offense pretty well, and special teams, he's making a run for it. He's giving everybody a run for their money.

Q: How about the way Eli put those interceptions aside and had that second half he did?A: That's good. As a captain, you should do that and as a lead quarterback, you should get rid of the bad plays and move onto the next one. If you hang on to the bad plays, it'll mess up your whole game. He put it aside and he kept on going and kept throwing the ball and he did a great job.

Q: That's what you need from him, right?A: Of course, when we see that, we do the same thing on defense. They had big plays, but we kept our own. Trying to stop the run and trying to get to the quarterback, that's what we did all night and it plays out.

Q: You guys talked this week about … the whole dog mentality…A: … That's what you need. On defense you need some dog like that and that's what we were doing. The score went up and it kept on going up and we had our stops.

Q: They put up forty-nine points on you last year, is that on your mind at all going into this one?A: Of course.  It's totally different when we're playing them in their stadium.  We knew what was … what we had to do, and that's what we did.


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