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Postgame DE Jason Pierre-Paul Interview


Q: How were the fans tonight?A: The fans and the atmosphere were great. The defense, special teams and offense all came together and we're happy that we came out with the win and victory.

Q: The defense in the first half, was that as good as it has been all year?A: I would say the Green Bay game, but once you can start good and finish good is even better.

Q: It looked like Dallas was gaining some momentum for a second there…A: Every team is usually going to gain some momentum at one point in the game. They had the momentum for a little bit and we had to get back at them so we picked it up. The offense scored and we just came out there and were relentless and we were just playing some great football.

Q: Did the defense talk about going back out there and picking things up?A: We told each other that we have to go back out there and play some great football and no matter what happens, we have got to win this game. This was a playoff game for us.

Q: Is there a boost in the defense having Osi (Umenyiora) back?

A: He came out, performed well like I thought he would. Wherever he was supposed to be, he was there and it really is a great feeling to have Osi back making plays. Tuck was making plays, Chris Canty was making plays and we were just getting after the quarterback, you love it.

Q: Is this just a preview of things to come in what the pass rush can do?A: That was nothing. Next week is going to be even better. We're in the playoffs!

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