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Postgame DE Justin Tuck - 11/25


Q: Did you see this coming?**A: That? No.  I saw us playing better. I thought we had a great week of practice.  I thought we in some ways just had a refreshing week off.  People seemed like they were kind of refreshed coming back this week and we had a great week of practice, but Green Bay's a great football team.  I didn't see us winning it like this, but I felt very confident going into the game.

Q: Do you think a game like this reminds everyone in the league what you guys are capable of?A: I don't know, I guess you'd have to ask the other guys – the teams that are out there watching it.  I think it reminds us what we're capable of and that's all that matters.  As long as we know what we're capable of when we play our style of football, that's more motivation to play our style of football, and I feel very confident where this team is right now. Yeah, we slip a little bit but I think we're refocused now and I think that showed tonight and hopefully we're done with the rollercoasters and we just continue to excel.

Q: Your thoughts on Corey – touchdown on his side then he comes back and gets the interception?A: Not surprising.  He's an eight year pro.  I've been here with Corey for eight years now and you just see it.  He's a tough-minded guy. He made a great double-move on him. The one thing about being a corner – I never played it, but what I understand – is you have to have a short memory.  That was a prime example of that.  He came back and got us a huge play and set up a touchdown. We expect that from him.

Q: What were your thoughts when Adam Merchant stepped out to talk to the team?A: You've got to put it into perspective.  First of all, he's a Make A Wish kid.  They get to do whatever they want to do with that wish and he chose to come to a New York Giant game.  That's kind of humbling, the fact that a kid's only wish is that he wants to come see us play.  When he stepped out and we gave him the floor, he just came up and said we need to go out there and play like champions, play like the champions that we are.  It kind of hit home.  You've got this kid that doesn't know us but from watching us on TV every Sunday and it's so profound because certain people can tell you that, but when you see a kid, an innocent kid, come up to you and say "you need to play like a champion" – I told him he needs to go into motivational speaking because he kind of woke us up a little bit.

Q: Your thoughts when you saw Eli lower his shoulder?A: First of all, I was like "yeah" and hyped about it, but then I was thinking to myself, "he don't need to do that anymore."  That's not his forte.  It just lets you know how much he wanted to win this game – he was willing to go the extra mile to get the first down. It really energized not only this team, but it energized the crowd. I think it's something that showed where our mindset was throughout this night.

Q: Aaron Rodgers came in playing so hot.  After that first or second sack, did you feel you could get to him tonight?A: We've had a lot of success against Aaron.  He's one of the top five quarterbacks – if you ask some guys, he's probably the top quarterback, but we've had a lot of success against him. The thing about him we understand is that you've got to get to him. If you let him sit in that pocket, he's going to do what he did on that first drive with the long touchdown pass. I think that was the change in the game and allowed us – our secondary mixing a lot of looks – that extra time to get pressure on him. We sacked him I think 5 or 6 times, but he was running all night.  If he wasn't a mobile quarterback, we probably would have sacked him 10 or 11 times. That's what we've built this defense on – getting after the quarterback. If we stop the run and get after the quarterback, we would have a lot of success and we were able to do that tonight.


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